Roghnu Data Portal

Data When, How, and Where You Need It

Application data unification with web and on-premise access for small to upper middle-market companies

Roghnu provides a proven standardized technology platform with professional services and support for companies with limited technology resources for finance and operations.  We also help large companies that don’t see the value in creating internal resources with the capabilities that we already deliver.

Our purpose is to deliver a single connection for all your data enabling our customers universal data access for reporting, data analytics, integration, custom web applications, and business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

What is REDS, PaaS, and the Roghnu Data Portal?

Roghnu’s leverages multiple technologies and software together with our own portal solution to deliver a service that is focused on our customers data.
Roghnu Enterprise Data Solutions (REDS) is a grouping of multiple products and services delivered by Roghnu.  Solutions include our Data Warehouse, Reporting / Analytics, Integrations, and Web Applications.
Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a general term used when delivering a grouping of services together.  For Roghnu this includes our delivery of infrastructure at our data center, software, and code that together is used to deliver all of our REDS products.
The Roghnu Data Portal is the website that users log in to access their data.  The portal is a central application hub for data, integration processing, reporting, and applications delivered to a client as a service.

Roghnu Enterprise Data Solutions – Service Areas

Roghnu Data Portal (Formerly "REDS")

It starts with our core SQL Server-based data warehouse.  This is the foundation for each client and is the one location where all their data resides.  We make your data easily accessible using SQL and any query or reporting tool like PowerBI, Tableau, etc.  Your data remains secure through our VPN setup and it is not propagated to other networks or services like Amazon or Azure or other reporting service solutions own databases.

  • Legacy Data Archiving
  • Sage Intacct to DW Integration
  • Salesforce to DW Integration
  • Hubspot to DW Integration
  • QuickBooks Online to DW Integration*beta
  • Any data set storage using manual or scheduled data imports

Our integration platform supports web services, system replications, and file processing via SFTP server communications.  We have integrated with many common applications and some that are far from common.  Our platform is designed to deliver whatever our clients need, just like it was on their own servers.

  • Stripe / Sage Intacct Integration
  • Data processing of DW for reporting and integration
  • “Bricks to Sticks” integration services
Our web application platform comes with the Roghnu Data Portal and is fully extensible for any data entry or update needs.  The data portal supports secure multi-factor access (using Okta) with on-line data access to your database or integrations.

  • Enumeration (data lists) for lookup and data transformation needs
  • Web based Query Builder for adhoc data access to all your data sets
  • Email notifications features related to processing messages and alerts
  • Process status and error reporting for integrations
  • End user management with full role based and row based security
  • Custom application framework available to build any gap applications needed to eliminate Excel or other manual data management processes

If you want to use business intelligence tools to slice and dice your legacy data or current data that is perfectly acceptable.  However, we can deliver our enterprise reporting and dashboard solution for your access.  You can write your own reports or we can do them for you.  In the end, we host the report server functionality, so you don’t have to worry about licensing or servers.

  • Roghnu delivered advanced reporting, dashboards, and analytics
  • 3rd party reporting connections (e.g. MS PowerBI, Tableau, etc.)

Don’t go at it alone. Let Roghnu be your IT

You don’t need IT, Roghnu is your IT

What you need to create a cloud based data warehouse on your own

  • Numerous database Server (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, etc.)
  • Numerous servers (AWS, Rackspace, IBM, etc.) for Development, Test, Production, Backup
  • ETL (Informatica, Jitterbit, MuleSoft, etc.)
  • Professional IT Support
  • Reporting Tools (Tableau, PowerBI, MicroStrategy, SiSense, etc.)
  • A Reporting Server (Infrastructure… )
  • Security assessments and pen tests
  • $$$
  • And More Professional Services

Do you feel a headache coming on already?

With Roghnu 

  • Grant Roghnu access to your data sources and we get your data
  • Use your own reporting tool or use Roghnu’s delivered reporting solutions with reporting and dashboards built i
With Roghnu, you get the following core services:

  • Test, Production, and both Test and Production Backup Environments. Platform that includes both Test and Production environment.
  • SFTP server. SFTP server and security enabling the integration of data based on file based communications.
  • Microsoft SQL Server and Database. MS SQL database provisioned for data warehouse, integration, or custom application services for an initial 200 Gig of space (used between Test and Prod environments). Readily expandable for scalability.
  • Roghnu Web Application. 10 Named Web Users and access to self administer additional users. Initial two security roles setup (Admin and User). Additional roles based security setup can be completed based on setup services fees.
  • Services Infrastructure. Roghnu web and server infrastructure for data warehouse, integration, and reporting services. Includes process queueing and batch data processing structure.
  • VPN and Direct DB Access. Five (5) named VPN and database access Users. Additional users can be added with a per user fee. Supports our clients to use the reporting and business analytics tools they want while keeping their data in one safe place.

Roghnu Data Portal Benefits

Web portal for your data
Roghnu Enterprise Data Solutions (REDS) offers our Platform as a Service (PaaS) through our Roghnu Data Portal delivering multiple proven technologies that unify a company’s SaaS multi-cloud strategy and on-premise application data to a single SQL database for improved integration, reporting, data analytics, web application extension, and business continuity and disaster recovery readiness.   Our platform and professional services and support remove the challenges and reduce costs of creating your own technology stack and back office IT personnel in an effort to ensure your data is accessible how and when you want it.
Eliminate manual activity and automate
Our purpose is to eliminate manual cloud application Excel downloads followed by the manual linking and updates necessary for your staff to complete point in time reports or data analysis.  Our solution automates the data extraction process for each cloud application via APIs to build a single unified data warehouse.  We allow direct access, just like an on-premise application for on demand reporting, web applications that fill your specific unmet business needs, and integrations that eliminate duplicate data entry.
Technology with support and professional services
Our competitive difference is our technology delivery with support and professional services.  Our goal is to help companies that do not have or want dedicated IT staff and to build out their data solutions and infrastructure.  By providing both technology, support, and professional services our customers can focus on learning more from their data, being nimble in applications and processes, and saving time from automation.  Our customers don’t spend internal resources worrying about server uptime, hardware and software patches, is the database secure, or did processing jobs run last night or if problems do happen is your staff ready and capable of fixing it?  Maintaining a staff of skilled technology resources is hard for software development companies and even more challenging when staffing it for back office business support.

Why would you want to use the Roghnu Data Portal?

It's your data - get it
Simplify the process for finance to obtain, store, add to, and access your data in one place with multiple ways to optimize and report.
Proven technology
We chose the most secure data center, leading edge virtualization software, leading security tools, Microsoft SQL Server and the leading business intelligence solution to empower companies to move fast and benefit from our foundation.  If you prefer a different data analytics tool you can use it!
Professional services and support - we are here to help!
Our business is to be an extension of your business and manage your data through the challenges of automation, integration, database management, reporting, analytics and more.  We have industry and software experts that ensure project team stability, the right skills, and long term support of your investment without our customers managing full time resources or underutilized consultants.  We align our services to your needs, as you need them.
We scale your computing resources and our time to meet your needs.  As opposed to a full time resource you need to pay regardless of your needs and may not have all the skills to be successful, we work as needed to make your efforts a success.
Increased velocity of change
We know how to minimize your project costs and go fast.
Reduced overhead, computing, and project costs
We have standardized our technology solutions and implementation processes and scaled them for a multi-company SaaS based service.  This approach allows fractional distribution of services that is more cost effective and allows our teams to be effective at managing and scaling it for our customers.
We do this daily
We are constantly managing enterprise projects and working with multiple vendors and stakeholders.  We understand IT architecture and business process requirements.

Save Money and Time using the Roghnu Data Portal

We have evaluated infrastructure and software options and hired a great team.  Our decisions allow our customers to scale while we support them.  Our support and professional services combined with our defined technology ecosystem eliminates the expensive and time-consuming startup effort. With Roghnu, you receive a solution with people that will get you moving forward without the technology decision risk or the need for staffing employees or consultants. In short, with Roghnu you will:

Save on personnel cost
If you don’t have an internal IT staff to support your business back office needs, then don’t.   Hiring an internal team or contracting consultants leads you down the path of what they know, not always what you need.  Plus, you need to fill the skills of infrastructure, server software, scheduling solutions, database design and implementation, web application developers, and report writers.
Save on infrastructure costs
Whether you go down the AWS or other IaaS / PaaS service or hosted data center or rather spin up your own data center, all have pros and cons.  Just the effort to make that decision can take months for a company to decide on and likely requires an outside consultant or CIO to navigate.  Would you rather spend that time making progress obtaining your data from the solutions you have already bought?
Save on software costs
Software is expensive to buy and support.  Both the purchase of your software and infrastructure need to be in sync.  Do you go open source or proprietary.  What is the difference?  Who on your team is making the choice and what is it biased toward because of prior experience? Making the wrong choice limits scale and flexibility.
Save on user license costs
Software is licensed by user in most cases.  You can save on license costs by having your reporting only users access the Roghnu Data Portal to access enterprise data instead of requiring. This save the license costs and training costs to access multiple systems.
Save on your team's distractions
Your business should be focused on delivering your products and services.  Spending time and working through issues related to integrating your applications and preparing your data is purely a distraction from your focus.
Increase delivery speed - reduces manual costs by automating faster
Our approach is a far faster method to analyze large data sets and combine multiple applications data together. With our solution, you eliminate the need to extract data to excel or pay for webservice based reporting software and then do your reporting and analysis.

Roghnu Data Portal Technical Benefits

Business continuity alignment
Get local data backups for business continuity and peace of mind that you have all of your data.  It should be about your data, not the myriad of technology, people, and processes that it takes to get your data.
Zero customer infrastructure needed
There is nothing to setup or support by our client. Roghnu takes on all the technology ownership.
Elasticity for your needs
We are able to ensure your scalable when you need it.  As your business changes and data needs increase or change we are able to support the changes without it being a client concern or work effort.
Flexibility to change
Your business and data needs change too fast to be worried about technology and data structures. Our solution is easily adaptable to adding new data sources or other requirements.  We work with many clients all with the same focus on improving their data management and data availability for decision support giving us experience in problem solving and adapting to change.
Single data repository
All your data, both structure and unstructured is in one place for your access.  Your data is stored in a single database just for your use. While we have a multi-tenant structure, each client has a single database for their data.  This helps ensure data security in an age where security is an absolute requirement.
ANSI-standard SQL
Your database allows ANSI-standard SQL access.  You can use our online Query Builder or your existing tools with on-premise database access using a secure VPN connection to your data.
Flexible data integration
We can use REST APIs, CSV / flat file inputs, full system replications to integrate data into the Roghnu Data Portal.  Some integrations are already built (e.g. Sage Intacct, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.) and quickly implemented.  However, we rarely find a data source where we cannot make a connection.
Role based security
The Roghnu Data Portal delivers a secure role-based model to access your data and add value to it through focused applications for your business.
Reporting and analytics
We deliver an enterprise reporting, dashboarding, and analytics solution that is scalable and easy to use.  Our solution is supports key features that our customers frequently request like exporting of data, role based security, row based security, drill down data access, visual dashboards, web based end user report creation, report distributions, etc. While we support the use of customers already selected reporting tools we fully support and have staff to deliver reporting and analytics for our customers using our solution.


Our small and middle market customers are ready for growth, security and compliance requirements, disaster and business continuity and disaster recovery confidence, business direction flexibility, bank obligation reporting, investor capital raises, and future exit plans.


We provide a common data warehouse for all of your data reporting using database connections. This is a far faster method to analyze large data sets and combine multiple application data sets together. With our solution you eliminate the need to extract data to excel and then do your reporting and analyses.


Our integration platform supports web services, system replications, and file processing via SFTP server communications.  We have integrated with many common applications and some that are far from common.  Our platform is designed to deliver whatever our clients need, just like it was on their own servers.


Our web application platform comes with the PaaS and is fully extensible for any data entry or update needs.  The platform supports secure login and on-line data access to your database or integrations.


If you want to use business intelligence tools to slice and dice your legacy data or current data that is perfectly acceptable.  However, we deliver our advanced reporting solution for your access with skilled support to help you get the information you need.  You can write your own reports, or we can do them for you.  In the end, we host the report server functionality, so you don’t have to worry about licensing or servers.

Want to learn more about our Enterprise Data Solution?


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