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Application data unification with web and on-premise access for small to upper middle-market companies

Roghnu provides a proven standardized technology platform with professional services and support for companies with limited technology resources for finance and operations.  We also help large companies that don’t see the value in creating internal resources with the capabilities that we already deliver.

Our purpose is to deliver a single connection for all your data enabling our customers universal data access for reporting, data analytics, integration, custom web applications, and business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

What is REDS, PaaS, and the Roghnu Data Portal?

Roghnu’s leverages multiple technologies and software together with our own portal solution to deliver a service that is focused on our customers data.
Roghnu Enterprise Data Solutions (REDS) is a grouping of multiple products and services delivered by Roghnu.  Solutions include our Data Warehouse, Reporting / Analytics, Integrations, and Web Applications.
Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a general term used when delivering a grouping of services together.  For Roghnu this includes our delivery of infrastructure at our data center, software, and code that together is used to deliver all of our REDS products.
The Roghnu Data Portal is the website that users log in to access their data.  The portal is a central application hub for data, integration processing, reporting, and applications delivered to a client as a service.

Roghnu Enterprise Data Solutions – Service Areas

Roghnu Data Portal (Formerly "REDS")

It starts with our core SQL Server-based data warehouse.  This is the foundation for each client and is the one location where all their data resides.  We make your data easily accessible using SQL and any query or reporting tool like PowerBI, Tableau, etc.  Your data remains secure through our VPN setup and it is not propagated to other networks or services like Amazon or Azure or other reporting service solutions own databases.

  • Legacy Data Archiving
  • Sage Intacct to DW Integration
  • Salesforce to DW Integration
  • Hubspot to DW Integration
  • QuickBooks Online to DW Integration*beta
  • Any data set storage using manual or scheduled data imports

Our integration platform supports web services, system replications, and file processing via SFTP server communications.  We have integrated with many common applications and some that are far from common.  Our platform is designed to deliver whatever our clients need, just like it was on their own servers.

  • Stripe / Sage Intacct Integration
  • Data processing of DW for reporting and integration
  • “Bricks to Sticks” integration services
Our web application platform comes with the Roghnu Data Portal and is fully extensible for any data entry or update needs.  The data portal supports secure multi-factor access (using Okta) with on-line data access to your database or integrations.

  • Enumeration (data lists) for lookup and data transformation needs
  • Web based Query Builder for adhoc data access to all your data sets
  • Email notifications features related to processing messages and alerts
  • Process status and error reporting for integrations
  • End user management with full role based and row based security
  • Custom application framework available to build any gap applications needed to eliminate Excel or other manual data management processes

If you want to use business intelligence tools to slice and dice your legacy data or current data that is perfectly acceptable.  However, we can deliver our enterprise reporting and dashboard solution for your access.  You can write your own reports or we can do them for you.  In the end, we host the report server functionality, so you don’t have to worry about licensing or servers.

  • Roghnu delivered advanced reporting, dashboards, and analytics
  • 3rd party reporting connections (e.g. MS PowerBI, Tableau, etc.)

Don’t go at it alone. Let Roghnu be your IT

You don’t need IT, Roghnu is your IT

What you need to create a cloud based data warehouse on your own

  • Numerous database Server (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, etc.)
  • Numerous servers (AWS, Rackspace, IBM, etc.) for Development, Test, Production, Backup
  • ETL (Informatica, Jitterbit, MuleSoft, etc.)
  • Professional IT Support
  • Reporting Tools (Tableau, PowerBI, MicroStrategy, SiSense, etc.)
  • A Reporting Server (Infrastructure… )
  • Security assessments and pen tests
  • $$$
  • And More Professional Services

Do you feel a headache coming on already?

With Roghnu 

  • Grant Roghnu access to your data sources and we get your data
  • Use your own reporting tool or use Roghnu’s delivered reporting solutions with reporting and dashboards built i
With Roghnu, you get the following core services:

  • Test, Production, and both Test and Production Backup Environments. Platform that includes both Test and Production environment.
  • SFTP server. SFTP server and security enabling the integration of data based on file based communications.
  • Microsoft SQL Server and Database. MS SQL database provisioned for data warehouse, integration, or custom application services for an initial 200 Gig of space (used between Test and Prod environments). Readily expandable for scalability.
  • Roghnu Web Application. 10 Named Web Users and access to self administer additional users. Initial two security roles setup (Admin and User). Additional roles based security setup can be completed based on setup services fees.
  • Services Infrastructure. Roghnu web and server infrastructure for data warehouse, integration, and reporting services. Includes process queueing and batch data processing structure.
  • VPN and Direct DB Access. Five (5) named VPN and database access Users. Additional users can be added with a per user fee. Supports our clients to use the reporting and business analytics tools they want while keeping their data in one safe place.

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