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Data Driven Business Results as you Adapt and Grow

Roghnu delivers business and technology consulting services and enterprise cloud solutions.  We solve data problems using pragmatic approaches and leverage a proven ecosystem including Salesforce for CRM and as a communication platform, Sage Intacct for ERP, and our own flexible Enterprise Data Solutions among other quality products for Business Intelligence, AI, integration, workflow, and optimization.



Salesforce for CRM

Salesforce is not just for sales but is a framework for business innovation, connecting disconnected processes, flexibility, and scalability.  If you can dream up a workflow that improves your business execution we can configure it in Salesforce.  Our goal is to deliver your environment leveraging standard Admin setup reducing your on-going support costs and ensuring that you can continue to use Salesforce effectively.  If standard does not work we have the technical programmers to help too.

Roghnu’s Enterprise Data Solutions (REDS)

Data management and data warehousing are not easy. We provide one place to store, manage, build upon, and report your enterprise data.  Our solution can be used to build functionality specific to your business problems for manual process eradication. A cost friendly solution eliminating hardware, hosting, and support costs while providing a tangible ROI in man-hours and accuracy.


Sage Intacct for ERP

Sage Intacct is the leading cloud based accounting solution, focused on financial and operational insights that will grow as your company grows.  Sage Intacct is the only preferred provider by the AICPA and #1 in Customer Satisfaction by G2 Crowd. Roghnu will partner with you to implement, integrate, and support Sage Intacct to meet your business needs. Whether you’re using a basic accounting package or a Tier 1 ERP, Sage Intacct will surprise you with what is available and how it can meet your needs.


Business & Technology Consulting 

Roghnu can examine your current business processes to identify points of failure, manual effort, ensure data integrity, remove roadblocks, and increase scalability.  Whether you have disconnected applications or long manual efforts like your close process, customer invoicing, revenue recognition, or time/expense entry we can solve with best of breed applications fit for your business.

Success at any scale.

Sage Intacct is hard to outgrow. Just ask some of our largest customers who are scaling new heights every day.

Roghnu will provide your organization with the highest level of support to help increase efficiency, streamline processes, and improve overall better business decisions.
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