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Do More With Your Data and Grow Your Business Without Adding Staff


See how Sage Intacct and Roghnu Data Portal can take hours off your time and labor costs.

Your accounting team can’t deliver timely, accurate data if you’re constantly pulling, moving, and re-entering your numbers.

And without quick access to accurate data and detailed reports, you’re always a few steps behind making the business decisions that can improve your operations.

Roghnu solves these challenges with Sage Intacct and our own Data Portal.

Sage Intacct is the cloud-based accounting platform that automates the processes holding you back. It lets you drill into your data to see where you can be more efficient.

The Roghnu Data Portal is our single, web-based connection to all of your data. It eliminates the manual downloads and linking your staff struggles through just to create reports for analysis.

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Take full control of your accounting

Maybe you’re using a basic accounting package. Or you have a Tier 1 ERP.

In either case, you’re probably not getting the financial insights you need to make timely decisions.

You might struggle to access your data in a timely way for reports. All that work for information that is a little late to be of much use.

That’s where Roghnu comes in.

Through Sage Intacct and our Data Portal, we’ll give you the power to access your data and turn it into rich reports with deep insights.

What's holding your company back?

Talk to us about your accounting challenges.

Let’s see how Roghnu can solve them for you.

Sage Intacct’s best-in-class accounting

Sage Intacct automates the manual, time-intensive processes that are holding you back.

It’s the cloud-based accounting platform that solves your struggles with:

    • Managing projects
    • Invoicing customers
    • Closing out monthly reports

We specialize in delivering Sage Intacct because we think it’s the best accounting platform out there. It’s ideal for companies that have outgrown QuickBooks and cumbersome manual processes.

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Why Sage Intacct is the preferred choice

Some of the reasons we think Sage Intacct is the best accounting platform for growing companies:

    • Anytime, anywhere access to your data
    • Rich accounting and reporting so you get deep insights
    • Third-party integration with best-in-class solutions that handle HR, payroll, inventory, time and expense, and more
    • Intuitive interface that personnel in purchasing and sales can easily use

We’re not the only ones who think it’s the best cloud-accounting solution out there.

Sage Intacct is the only preferred provider for the AICPA and is #1 in Customer Satisfaction by G2 Crowd.

Outgrown QuickBooks?

If you’re spending more time pulling together numbers than analyzing them, it’s time to consider Sage Intacct.

Data Portal: The data you need, when you need it

You’ll struggle to create a cloud-based data warehouse and get the benefits you want.

It’s cost prohibitive. It’s time prohibitive. It’s resource prohibitive.

That’s why we’ve done it for you with our own Data Portal.

We provide one secure place to store, manage, integrate, build upon, and report ALL of your enterprise data.

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Manage your data with Roghnu Data Portal

Roghnu Data Portal is the cloud-based platform that makes it easy for you to control and access data from a secure database.

Our powerful Data Portal also helps you:

    • Unify your data across applications (CRM, HR/ Payroll, inventory)
    • Create and deliver advanced reporting and analytics
    • Be ready for business continuity
    • Automate the inefficient manual processes you’re doing in Excel

Pull the data you want using your own reporting tool. Or you can use Roghnu’s reporting solution with built-in dashboards.

With the Roghnu Data Portal and online Query Builder, you’ll get the information you need, when you need it, as if it were on your own server.

Struggling to consolidate data?

We built the Data Portal to be your single, web-based connection to ALL of your data.

Let us show you how you can create reports that offer the insight your company needs to make smart business decisions.

The benefits of working with Roghnu

Your journey to Sage Intacct and the Data Portal starts by working with Roghnu.

We’ll give you everything you need to get the results you expect:

    • A customized solution
    • Strategic implementation
    • Training
    • Ongoing support
    • Experience
    • Technical skills
    • Competitive pricing

Book a discovery call at a time you prefer so we can learn about each other and whether we might be the right fit to solve your challenges.

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