Roghnu's Corner

The Roghnu Buyer’s Journey

Welcome to the Roghnu buyer’s journey process.  This process and our explanation of it is intended to provide our prospective clients an understanding of the structured steps we have found clients need to adhere to during an infrequent and complex procurement cycle. ...

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What is the Cloud?

When selecting a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, one of the most critical factors in your decision will be whether you choose cloud vs on-premise. However, many decisions markers do not fully understand what “the cloud” is. Well, fear not because Roghnu...

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Salesforce Integration with Sage Intacct: 4 Important Benefits

You’ve heard of Sage Intacct, and you’ve heard of Salesforce, but what do you get when you combine these two best-in-class cloud solutions? No, it’s not “Inforce” or “Salestacct” — but I like your thinking. Seriously though, what you get when you integrate these two...

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Sage Intacct Implementation Is Easier Than You May Think

We here at Roghnu understand that change can be daunting. Since our business is based on helping clients transition from legacy accounting software to a more modern (and effective) software solution, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the concerns over...

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The 5 Questions to Ask Your Controller

In the ever-changing roles of CFOs in the Finance and Insurance industry, one thing will never change—the need to lead and manage an effective finance team. Successful CFOs collaborate closely with their controllers in defining strategies that impact key areas...

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Is it Time to Upgrade from QuickBooks?

Trust us, we know finance and accounting are no simple task and let’s not even begin to talk about the nightmares spreadsheets give us with, manual data-entry, re-entry, errors, and no real-time financial and operational data analysis. Worst of all if you’re using...

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