Powering the World’s Events

Stop Band-aiding your Customer Experience

82% of marketers don’t have a single view of ALL customer data.
Because there wasn’t a tailored tool for event organizers, you’ve been forced to adapt different tools to resolve your needs.

It's time for a change

What if you had a solution that could integrate with all of your current tools and leverage all the data you already have?

Personalization is no longer a luxury

77% expect a personalized experience.
Consumers have grown accustomed to platforms such as Amazon and Netflix, personalization has become an expectation.

Feathr's vision

It’s not just about better marketing, it’s about personalizing the entire experience before, during, and after the event.

Kate Lechowicz - Senior Manager,  NetApp

Personalize your event with the Data you already have

Understand your customer journey.  Personalize your event experience.

"Working with Feathr has been a wonderful experience.  Their approach is not cookie-cutter “one-size fits all."  The actual Feathr toolkit is easy to use and powerful.  The analytic data that we were able to procure was much better than any other tool we had at our disposal.”

Brandon Telg
Changeville co-founder

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