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What is Roghnu Enterprise Data Solutions (REDS)?

REDS is a platform developed by Roghnu using best of breed technologies to deliver our Roghnu Portal, data warehouse, integration services, and automations making your computing ecosystem more efficient and data analytics enabled.

Roghnu’s Enterprise Data Solutions are more than just another software product.  It is experienced professionals that know data and know integration.  We offer white glove services using our data warehouse and integration software that helps your company store your data in one place, identify problems, share findings, create reports, analyze trends, and the best part is Roghnu makes it EASY!  At Roghnu we know your data is important and contains key insights when displayed effectively. That’s why we offer a solution that archives your legacy data, and stores your new system’s data in one place, in the cloud. Roghnu can archive your legacy ERP, Sage Intacct data, point of sales data, and any other data you want to keep!

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