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Sage Intacct to REDS Data Warehouse

The perfect integration for all your enterprise reporting needs
About The Data Warehouse

Your data when, where, and how you want it

Sage Intacct to REDS Data Warehouse Integration.  Uni-directional integration from Sage Intacct to the REDS Data Warehouse.  Integration includes all subscribed Sage Intacct objects. A nightly standard refresh of the data is supplied with an adhoc manual refresh feature to update the data warehouse as needed.

How It Works

Don’t worry we handle all the hard stuff

Roghnu uses Sage Intacct web services APIs to process all your licensed data to your SQL Server database. From here, we refresh your Sage Intacct data every night. You can access this data through any SQL access tool or reporting solution. With the Roghnu data warehouse, you also receive the web application platform for reporting and business process automation. We provide local data backups for business continuity and peace of mind that you have all your data.

Don’t Forget.. 

Roghnu can integrate with other applications creating a single place for all your cross application reporting. 

Key Benefits 

Access to all your Sage Intacct data

Financial Reporting just got a lot easier. With all your data stored in one place, you are able to access your data through any reporting tool.

Integration statistics

This functionality includes all of the web service calls and statistics associated with your integrations. This is valuable to understand the health of your integrations and making sure that everything is operating, as you would expect.

Lower cost and user reporting features

Leveraging an enterprise data warehouse ecosystem allows for a user to only need one reporting solution. This reduces training costs associated with multiple applications, as well as multiple logins.

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