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We’re excited to share that Sage Intacct has just launched the latest version of our award-winning cloud financial management software—Sage Intacct 2019 Release 4.

Your company is evolving and scaling with a pressing need for insight, greater control, flexibility, and compliance. At Sage Intacct, we’ve anticipated those needs and are evolving and scaling right with you to meet them through technology and process innovation. We’ve added features that support deep cross-industry functionality on a global operation scale on our best-in-class platform. Learn what’s new, and the impact it can bring to you and your organization.

The following features are only a few of what our 2019 Release 4 has to offer. To read about all features and enhancements in this release, go to Overview of 2019 Release 4 changes.

  • Contracts:
    • Draft contracts: Reduce the risk of errors and rework for contracts. Now you can create contracts, contract lines, and expenses in a draft state, then save your progress without posting to the Contracts subledger or general ledger. With draft contracts in place, you can see what’s coming, which means you can forecast more accurately. Draft contracts enable you to implement new workflows for contracts, including segregation of duties, internal approval workflow, or renewal planning.
    • Contracts with projects: Over the last several releases, we’ve been steadily enhancing how Contracts and Projects work together to enable subscription-based businesses that also manage projects to abide by ASC 606 timing rules. Organizations can leverage contracts and projects to estimate projects, defer revenue, and then bill and recognize revenue as the project progresses.
      In R4, we added more invoicing flexibility by providing an option to generate contract invoices by project. Additionally, we added more automation to eliminate manual steps to handle the impact to MEA allocations when projects are re-estimated.
  • Projects: Prior to this release, you could only track project tasks by associating your class dimension with tasks. Now, with task as its own dimension, you can select both a project and specific task within that project enabling you to report on projects at the more granular task level.
  • Inventory: Instead of creating custom fields for more detailed tracking, you can now increase the number of shipping date fields in Purchasing and Order Entry transactions to make order management more precise and save time in sales and purchasing workflows.
  • Reporting: Use the Interactive Report Writer to get instant insight with the addition of 50 pre-built reports across all application areas within Intacct, You can view, pivot, drill, and filter the pre-built reports to get transactional insights. Use the reports as-is or as a starting point for your interactive reporting and data analysis.
  • Budgeting and Planning: When you review your Budget versus Actual performance inside Sage Intacct and want to know more on the budget assumptions, that insight is just a click away. You can now easily drill into the budget all the way back to the Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning (SIBP) product details. Find where things may be off-plan and calibrate faster. Note: SIBP is an add-on application that requires a subscription.
  • General Ledger: For transactions that have routine predefined allocations splits across dimensions, you can now add other dimensions and assign values for those dimensions during entry. And we added a new transaction allocation method that handles over or under amounts after allocation. Any remaining amounts are applied to the transaction using the percentage allocation.

And much more: Take a look at the full set of release notes for 2019 Release 4 and learn about how Sage Intacct is helping customers simplify their day-to-day and giving them insight that drives transformation for their organization. Release 4 is available now. Existing customers can check out the Release 4 Release Notes or talk with their Customer Account Manager for more information.

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