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Sage Intacct: Cloud-based Accounting for Every Industry


Sage Intacct is the cloud-based accounting solution with the highest marks on G2.

Is Sage Intacct right for your company?

You’re at a point where your current accounting system isn’t working for you anymore.

    • It takes too much time to consolidate the numbers.
    • You can’t drill down from your overview.
    • Monthly close-outs take too long.
    • You’re duplicating front and back office data entry.

You may know Sage Intacct gets outstanding reviews by your peers.

But you wonder, “Is it right for my company?


The industry-specific capabilities you need

For the professional services company, Sage Intacct empowers you to track project costs, including the unbillable hours that may erode your margins.

For the hospitality organization, you see the dimensions that affect overall revenue and profitability — like manager, department, and location.

For the SaaS company that relies on subscriptions, Sage Intacct:

    • Pulls customer purchases into one subscription contract
    • Brings together different billing sources into one invoice for your customer
    • Lets you create dashboards that reveal SaaS metrics like upsells, renewals and recurring revenue

Sage Intacct does what the specialized accounting platforms do, as well as what they can’t do, like track expenses and see cash flow.


As your healthcare organization strives to grow, Sage Intacct can help you monitor financial performance and give you the data to run processes consistently across multiple locations.

Professional Services

Service organizations often manage a large amount of financial tasks. They also have to constantly adapt to the needs of customers and the market. With Sage Intacct, you’ll know where your inefficiencies are so you can assign the right resources.

Technology Software / SaaS

For SaaS businesses, rapid growth brings pressure to your finance team: more accounting complexity and additional reporting needs. Sage Intacct automates even the most complex financial processes, adapts to your business, and delivers every kind of report.

Financial Services

Your have challenges like increasing client service demands, navigating complex multi-entity accounting consolidation, and understanding a changing regulatory ecosystem. As your firm focuses on helping clients, Sage Intacct focuses on your back-office processes.


Let Sage Intacct help you focus on your guests. With Intacct, you automate your financial processes, gain more insight into your hospitality business, and make decisions that boost profitability.

Business Aviation

Sage Intacct’s “Dimension Structures” turns your financial and statistical data into valuable information. Its all-in-one cloud financials ERP software make you efficient in accounts payable, account receivable, general ledger, time & expense, KPI dashboards, and P&L reporting.

Let’s solve your company’s accounting challenges..