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We here at Roghnu understand that change can be daunting. Since our business is based on helping clients transition from legacy accounting software to a more modern (and effective) software solution, we’ve gained a deep understanding of the concerns over implementation.

While it’s good to be cautious, we’re here to tell you that implementing Sage Intacct cloud accounting software is easier than you may have imagined. Here’s why:


The initial investment required for Sage Intacct is significantly less than that of an on-site accounting solution. What’s more, the subscription pricing means that you pay only for what you use. And when you move to the cloud, you’ll no longer need to install, maintain or upgrade your financial management applications. This will greatly reduce your IT budget requirements, as well as reduce your total cost of ownership.

Infrastructure adaptation

The point here is that there is none. Working in the cloud means that you use your Internet-based devices (PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, etc.) to access your data. There are no servers to worry about– and you don’t have to worry about getting everything associated with that infrastructure “plugged in.”

Data conversion

With previous accounting software upgrades, you were most likely required to do custom coding in order to convert your data from the old solution to the new one. This is not the case with Sage Intacct. The data conversion is clearly defined with proven templates that work. In addition, we offer alternatives to maintaining your archive data with our Enterprise Data Solution.


Some limitations on customization can actually be an asset. It maintains scope and keeps the implementation process moving forward. With Sage Intacct being in the cloud, you receive exactly what your business needs. The focus is on configuring it for your business, not spending a lot of time and effort rebuilding what you once had into the new solution.


If you haven’t tried the Coffee Break Demo of Sage Intacct yet, it’s a good place to start. You’ll see that the user interface is very intuitive and be able to have a live Q&A session.


When it comes to security, you don’t have to worry about DIY anymore. Sage Intacct comes with instant enterprise-class security, backup and disaster recovery. This decreases your technology risk – making is much easier for you to sleep at night.

Ready to become one of our next Sage Intacct success stories? Our knowledgeable team is ready to make your Intacct implementation a breeze. Contact us and let’s get started today.

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