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Sage Intacct for SaaS Companies

Track your financials so you can improve efficiency and grow your SaaS company’s profits.

The accounting platform that powers SaaS companies to growth

How can you grow your SaaS company if you’re being held back by an outdated accounting system?

You can’t.

The time it takes to create spreadsheets that account for different billing and revenue types is time that inhibits growth, slows your financial close, and prevents timely forecasting.

That’s why there’s Sage Intacct. It gives you the power to:

    • Share the information your investors want to see.
    • Quickly pull together accurate data that speeds up your processes and cash flow.
    • Analyze the metrics so your leaders can improve operations.
    • Automate the processes holding you back


Automate Salesforce to Sage Intacct

Why keep struggling to capture subscription and order information? There’s an easier way to manage your financials.

Sage Intacct unifies your front and back office. Enter contracts into Salesforce, and they’re automatically integrated into Sage Intacct.

    • Generate bills as defined in the contract by product line item
    • Have everything on a single contract from sales to finance.
    • Automate all processes, accounting, and reporting through the revenue life cycle.
    • Capture sales, add-ons, and renewals from the source
    • Process more transactions at scale
    • Create financial reports

Eliminate the manual entry of data and you don’t have to worry about making a mistake or using inaccurate data.

That means saved time for you. And a better experience for your customers.

Bring all customer information into one place

You know how tough it is to manage add-ons and revenue recognition while meeting ASC 606 accounting guidelines and staying GAAP compliant.

All those add-ons, those exceptions and arrangements create a pile of manual work and spreadsheets that jam up your sales workflow and accounting processes.

They limit your growth and slow your close.

Sage Intacct solves this because it brings together all the customer purchase information into one place: the subscription contract.

You’ll bring together deal and contract information from several sources:

    • Self-service purchases from the web
    • Complex contract deals

No data re-entry needed. Your front office enters contracts using Salesforce and Salesforce CPQ, and the native integration posts it all to Sage Intacct.  It’s that simple.

Pull different billing types into one invoice

Aren’t you tired of creating separate spreadsheets and then manually entering the data for each account?

Using Sage Intacct, you’ll create flexible billing across usage, SaaS, and professional services revenue streams.

Sage Intacct Web Services automatically rolls in your usage billing so your customer only has one bill to deal with.

Create real-time dashboards of your SaaS metrics

You know firsthand that sales and finance teams need to work from the same insight. Through Sage Intacct’s automated workflows, you:

    • Track transactions to the correct departments so you can look at trends using that dimension
    • Track billings and received amounts

With its real-time dashboards, you’ll see the things that matter to SaaS companies like yours:

    • Billings, payments, and expenses associated with your contracts
    • Recognizing future revenue by contract
    • Annual or monthly recurring revenue
    • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
    • Deferred revenue
    • Churn
    • Cash

And its multidimensional reporting shows how you’re doing by dimensions like account, location, and line of business. Sage Intacct makes it easy with 300+ subscription, usage, and project-billing scenarios, with revenue recognition.

You’ll also have the power to create 200+ investor metrics up to 80% faster.

Share the numbers investors want to see

As a growing SaaS company, your investors demand to know how client subscriptions affect your annual and monthly recurring revenue.

    • They want to see specialized contracts, too? You can deliver.
    • Create different forecast scenarios or recognize smart revenue?

It’s all possible with Sage Intacct because you have instant access to the numbers that matter.

Measure and monitor the key SaaS metrics that matter to you and your investors, whatever stage you’re at.

Show your deferred revenues and you’ll maximize valuation for fundraising.


Drill down into your numbers

We make decisions every day based on the numbers in front of us. Without the data, without it in a clear format, how do you make those decisions?

Sage intelligence gives your CEO and CFO the real-time metrics they need to guide your business:

    • Budget vs. actual
    • Subscriptions
    • Revenue
    • Billing
    • Churn

They can see these by various dimensions and time frames that explain the changes and help you take action.

With Sage Intacct Intelligence, your numbers are:

    • Drillable
    • Accurate
    • Real-time

Sage Intacct empowers you to see the details that matter to you. Now you can make data-driven decisions to go IPO or get that next round of funding.

Why Sage Intacct is right for your SaaS company

Subscription-billing-only solutions and order-only accounting solutions might have worked for a while. But as your company grows, you realize you need more.

You need to:

    • Track your project time and expenses
    • See what’s driving your revenue
    • Speed up your billing process
    • Close your books faster
    • See cash-flow

Sage Intacct does all of that and more.

Spend less time creating spreadsheets and more time on the work that customers pay for.

Use the cloud-based accounting platform that is the only solution endorsed by the AICPA and is ranked #1 In customer satisfaction on G2 Crowd.

Trust your SaaS firm to the power of Sage Intacct.

Benefits of Sage Intacct for SaaS

    • Make decisions on hiring, acquiring, and timing for fundraising based on real-time, role-based dashboards with key financial data
    • Manage performance obligations and commission expenses to become ASC 606 and GAAP compliant.
    • Improve cash flow and visibility to get 100-times return on invested capital.
    • Improve CAC by up to 10% through dimensional analysis of upsell.
    • Reduce order-to-bill cycle time by up to 99%.
    • Consolidate hundreds of entities in seconds.
    • Reduce the financial close by up to 80%.
    • Improve gross margin by up to 20%.
    • Increase cash flow by up to 20%.
    • Shorten close by up to 70%.

FAQs about Sage Intacct accounting for SaaS 

How does Sage Intacct help SaaS companies?

Sage Intacct helps your SaaS firm because it:

  • Automates AP, AR, billing, revenue recognition, and consolidations to accelerate the close and increase cash flow.
  • Shifts you to the strategic work that drives profits.
  • Shows the billing, revenue, and cash metrics your CFO needs to recommend better tactics and strategies.
  • Is built for subscription-based companies

You’ll have a system that tracks everything across, revenue, billing, and cash flow.

With these numbers, you’ll have the information you need to create new subscription pricing that increases sales, upsells, and renewals.

Can Sage Intacct help me with my subscription billing?

Yes, Sage Intacct is ideal for subscription-based businesses because it:

  • Eliminates tedious processes like manual entries from Salesforce
  • Shows you real-time metrics and dashboards you can use to make strategic decisions
  • Automates your accounts payable, accounts receivable, revenue recognition, and consolidations so you accelerate your close and increase your cash flow.

What are the benefits of Sage Intacct dashboards?

Sage Intacct dashboards help executives and investors:

  • Easily capture sales, add-ons, and renewals from the source — like Salesforce and Salesforce CPQ — in your financials.
  • See real-time graphical views of churn, monthly and annual recurring revenue, renewal, customer acquisition cost, and other SaaS metrics.
  • Provide instant, actionable insight to key stakeholders.
  • Prepare for board meetings in minutes.

How do I know Sage Intacct is better than my other options?

G2 ran a review of Sage Intacct vs. a competitor, and here’s what they found:

  • Average implementation time is three months (twice as fast).
  • ROI in nearly half the time (19 months vs. 30 months)
  • 20% higher ease of doing business

Sage Intacct is the ONLY company to offer billing, AP, AR, GL, expense management, financial reporting, forecasting, and the financial close all in one solution. You’ll spend 40% less than you would buying the tech stack parts separately.

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