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Sage Intacct for Professional Services

Get deeper insights into your projects.

Win more of the clients that drive your profits.

See all your time, expense and project data in one place

How can you get an overall view of your financials if you’re spending most of the time trying to track down and enter the data?

Sage Intacct Projects fixes this by automating the process of tracking costs, time and expense, billing, and revenue recognition. These insights let you know where you need to adjust to reach your project and revenue goals.

You’ll have one source of truth for all dashboards and reports, including those based on roles. See the status of jobs, milestones, and invoices.

See real-time project costs

It’s hard to manage a project when you can’t monitor and respond to tasks in real time.

Sage Intacct gives you that power. You can:

    • Track costs in real time and see your profit margins
    • Compare cost of work completed to target project budgets

Your finance, sales, and project management teams will spend less time entering data and more time working together on improving the drivers of business revenue.

Improve your time and expense process

If you’re behind in identifying expenses, you’re behind in making decisions to improve your margins.

Use Sage Intacct to:

    • Automatically email supervisors for time and expense approvals and move to invoices to get paid faster
    • Simplify multi-currency reimbursements
    • Manage timesheets in real time. Eliminates headaches with incomplete, missing and unapproved timesheets


Turn your projects into manageable tasks

    • Create budgets per project task to better assign resources, track your costs (including indirect), and increase margins
    • See which projects have higher margins and which clients are the most profitable

Simplify your billing process

    • Capture billable and non-billable activities so you know a project’s total costs
    • Automatically bill based on milestone, percentage completed, or project completion
    • Link invoices to source documents so clients pay faster

Manage your project resources to maximize profit margins

    • See real-time status of your projects and the resources available at any time along the project schedule
    • Quickly find the right resources to assign to a task or project based on your criteria (like skills, availability, and location)
    • Set budgets on your resources to contain costs within specified levels

See integrated reports and dashboards

Through project-specific dashboards, you’ll see:

    • Project status
    • Revenue streams
    • The latest financials as soon as timesheets and expenditures are submitted

More than 25 reports are available for you to view KPIs like project profitability, delivery costs, and revenue per service delivery.

Integrate with Salesforce

Sage Intacct has pre-built integration with Salesforce so you can:

    • Generate renewals
    • Reprint invoices
    • Monitor payments

All without ever leaving Salesforce.

Sage Intacct also works with other third-party CRM and payroll systems, so you can easily track time and expenses.

Get the actionable KPIs that drive your growth

Your clients cost you money. The wrong resources assigned to a project can mean lost profits. By tracking metrics like project margins and billing cycles, you improve project profitability.

Sage Intacct gives you better visibility into your metrics at every level:

    • Project
    • Task
    • Department
    • Customer

This gives you more time to analyze your data and adjust where necessary.

Don’t bid on false data. You need actionable KPIs based on current performance. Then you’ll know how to make best use of your resources and what to bill for the next client.

These capabilities have helped thousands of professional services firms. They’ve also made Sage Intacct #1 in customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd. And it’s the only business accounting solution recommended by the AICPA.

FAQs about Sage Intacct accounting for professional services

Can Sage Intacct help a project-based company?

Sage Intacct is tailor-made for companies that bill by project. Its high-powered general ledger lets you track the dimensions that matter to you. You can also:

  • Bill by project task
  • Track time and expenses (even for unbillable work)
  • Set budget limits on projects and tasks
  • See revenue by stages like milestone and percentage of task completed

Can Sage Intacct improve my billing processes?

Yes, Sage Intacct handles the accounting processes that are too complex to trust to more and more staff. It will help you with:

  • Complex invoices and different revenue sources
  • Automating your time entry, expenses, and purchase orders into your invoices

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