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Sage Intacct for Financial Services

Track your financials so you can improve efficiency and grow your company’s profits.

Automate complex processes

Think of how long it takes for you to get through cash management, accounts receivable and payable, billing, and order management. Especially when burdened by outdated tools like QuickBooks and Excel.

Why keep struggling to allocate assets, costs, and revenue contributions across your projects, products, departments, and other dimensions? Sage Intacct’s Dynamic Allocations does the work for you.

With Sage Intacct, you automate time-consuming tasks to:

    • Get quicker access to data you can analyze
    • Ensure compliance with regulations
    • Reduce errors that come with manual entry
    • Consolidate financials from different entities
    • Streamline your business purchasing
    • Speed up bank reconciliations and report preparation

Spend less time pulling numbers together and more time doing what really matters: analyzing the data so you drive revenue.

In no time, you tell the stories your colleagues need to see. Automatically import accounts payable and accounts receivable so you have a snapshot of your finances at any given time.

Turn your data into insights

What do you spend more time doing: days upon days trying to gather financial data for analysis or doing the analysis that drives your investment strategies?

You want to go deep into the numbers, see what they mean, and what actions you can take. You want, at a glance, to compare accounts, funds, regions.

That’s the advantage of Sage Intacct’s treasure trove of financial reports and customizable dashboards. You see the big picture while also being able to dive into the details.

    • View activity by dimensions like location, department, and account to see your margins and performance for each
    • Create plans that lead to greater efficiency and growth
    • See the overall state of your finances without struggling to adjust currencies or manually combining data from accounts and locations and entities

It’s within your power to speed up your forecasting and budgeting.  Bring together accounting data from different sources to share overviews with executive leadership.

Spend less time manually creating reports, and more time on strategy.

Spotlight: Financial insights for Wealth Management

Sage Intacct’s versatility is one key to its value. Let’s take its role in wealth management as one example.

Wealth management is about expert analysis. Sage Intacct makes that analysis easy to do.

    • Set an asset class as a dimension, and see how it affects the fund.
    • From within one record, see the transactions driving the increase in value for something like a real estate fund.

It’s easy to pull up information from across the organization and combine it for a “big picture” view. You can also go deeper to see what’s driving those numbers.

For example: Consolidate different currencies to a single currency for consistent analysis. Share it with the executive team.

From that unified view, the CIO and CFO can dive into the metrics driving the numbers.

Fund managers can see just those businesses that matter to them.

Whatever information you need, you have it. Instantly.

Make a documented decision and audit trail

Sage Intacct also gives you built-in collaboration tools for when you need to discuss factors affecting the value of the funds.

Collaborate and document decisions within the relevant financial records. You can include your conversations and any relevant graphs that influence the actions.

Define problems and decide what to do next. All without needing IT.

Integrate with best-in-class solutions (like Salesforce)

How many times do you have to re-enter data so that two different systems share the same information?

Are your sales and finance teams operating in data silos with different information?

By integrating Salesforce with Sage Intacct, you and your sales team:

Can see data from within Salesforce, like:

    • Transaction status
    • Billing
    • Payments

As a result, your sales people better serve customers.

Think of it – your sales quotes, orders, and invoices flow directly from Salesforce into Sage Intacct.

Sales and finance teams can work together to provide a better experience for customers. They can also:

    • Message each other about transactions via integration between Salesforce Chatter and Sales Intacct Collaborate. Messages posted on a record in one platform also show up on the other, allowing for back-and-forth conversations.
    • See the status of revenue activities in real time.

Plus, integration is simple. You don’t need third parties or scripting. And setting up users and security is just as easy.

Spotlight: Sage Intacct Platform Services

Sage Intacct Platform Services enhances the integration with Salesforce and other tools you rely on. It works so well because we based it on the experience of our customers.

    • Add custom fields, tabs, and reports so you can capture, organize, and analyze data. Like to an invoice.
    • Create customized workflows for your processes
    • Build custom reports to report on your custom applications (just like you do with standard applications)

You can even build custom applications that capture the data you want according to the logic you want.

As for security, you’ll have it. Sage Intacct Platform Services has built-in encryption protocol, back-ups, and permissions.

Consolidate entities in minutes

You deal with complicated ownership structures and the specialized needs that wealth and asset accounting require. The elusive goal: a simple view that tells the whole story and does it fast so you can meet the increasing client service demands.

Use Sage Intacct’s multi-entity accounting to consolidate hundreds of entities in just minutes.  You save time, plus you:

    • Reduce errors
    • Have current global and local reports
    • Close your books faster

Sage Intacct’s multi-entity, cloud-based accounting system for financial services provides:

    • Smarter wealth and asset management
    • Custom reporting capabilities
    • Ideal business intelligence

Sage Intacct helps you get — and stay — in control.

Why Sage Intacct is right for your financial services firm

Sage Intacct is trusted for half a trillion dollars under management.

It gives you control of your funds and simplifies all your accounting processes, whether you’re in:

    • Wealth management
    • Asset management
    • Single family office
    • Multi-family office
    • Venture capital
    • Private equity

Use the cloud-based accounting platform that is the only solution endorsed by the AICPA and ranked #1 In customer satisfaction on G2 Crowd.

Trust your financial services firm to the power of Sage Intacct.

FAQs about Sage Intacct accounting for financial services firms

How does Sage Intacct help financial services companies?

Sage Intacct helps financial services firms by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to consolidate data from multiple entities from weeks or days to just minutes.
  • Displaying dashboards that show your financials in real time
  • Automating your manual tasks so you can spend more time on analyzing the data
  • Reducing your reporting time by 70% to 90%

What is the best accounting software for financial services firms?

As the only AICPA preferred financial management solution, Sage Intacct is the accounting experts’ choice.

It was built by finance professionals and is ranked number one in customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd.

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