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We’re pleased to announce the availability of 2018 R1 release tonight.

R1 is an important release that advances Contracts, Inventory and Global Consolidations (beta) capabilities. Specifically,

  • We expect the new Contracts enhancements will help us secure more referenceable customers
  • Inventory enhancements in R1 will lay the foundation for our Inventory re-launch happening in R2
  • Global Consolidations (beta) showcases a new user experience with significant ease of use improvements

Click here to watch the release overview video 

Below are the highlights of R1


Opportunity Ease of Use

The Sage Intacct Advanced CRM Integration makes it easier for you and your sales team to manage information on the opportunities in Salesforce.  When a sales rep adds products to an opportunity, the Advanced CRM integration can now add information needed by finance at the same time including defaults for fixed flat fee amount frequency and billing methods.  This saves time addressing missing information later and integrates into your existing sales process.  And, this also streamlines the integration with Salesforce CPQ.

Bill before a contract starts

Sage Intacct’s new bill-in-advance feature enables you to automatically create billing schedules that start before a contract or renewal starts. You can then generate, print, and send out the invoices as per your company’s billing procedures. You can control the bill-in-advance period for each contract, and even set default bill-in-advance periods for each customer.

Post revenue and expense recognition offline 

Neat and tidy. You get to continue working with Intacct while behind the scenes, you are posting revenue and expense recognition. When the process completes, Intacct sends a notification email to the user who initiated the request.


Link inventory adjustments directly to specific purchases

Now, when you create an inventory adjustment, you can specify the exact purchasing or inventory transaction to link the adjustment to with the benefit of more accurate costing results for FIFO and LIFO items, and a better audit trail for all cost methods.

Inventory costing improvements for sharper financials

We’ve made several costing improvements to increase the accuracy of your inventory valuation and COGS.

Global Consolidations

Global Consolidations is now available in Action!

Get a leg up and start using Global Consolidations in Action now. Moving to our new Action UI enables duplication of consolidations books, ease of use in setting up multiple override accounts, and solves the issue of Global Consolidations appearing inconsistent in some browsers. For this and other reasons, we’ll be sunsetting the current version of Intacct Global Consolidations later in the year.

And much more…

In 2018 Release 1 there are new capabilities and current feature enhancements for everyone.  Significant changes in our areas of focus in Contracts and Advanced CRM, Inventory and, Global Consolidation along with improvements driven by customer ideas in order entry, purchasing, projects, accounts payable, administration, and new infrastructure to support businesses as they grow.

Are you looking for more information on how you can better leverage these new features to improve your use of Sage Intacct?

Contact us today to learn more 

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