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Revenue recognition So, you’ve got this great project-based business and it’s growing. And while growth, of course, is good, it can also come with some unanticipated side effects. It used to be so easy to recognize your revenue, but now it is becoming increasingly complicated. More projects means more hands on deck, both resulting in a lot more time spent tracking, reporting, and expensing. With that, you’re probably trying to track down more detailed project data in an effort to better optimize spending and more accurately recognize revenue. And you’re still doing it (horrors) manually.

If this sounds way too familiar, then you owe it to yourself to divert 30 minutes of that precious time chasing down revenue and watch this webinar instead. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Sage Intacct helps businesses like yours recognize revenue faster, easier, and more accurately than ever before. Not only that, you’ll find out how to build a solid foundation for better scaling the services your business provides.

Watch and learn how Sage Intacct will make you a rev-rec superstar by:

Untangling revenue recognition rules from billing rules, allowing you to:

  • Save time on both bills and revenue recognition
  • Easily support a variety of fixed price and “time plus material” methods
  • Better satisfy your customer’s expectations and your accounting department’s specific requirements

Automating the deferral and recognition of project-based revenue, allowing you to:

  • Gain control over normally complex processes
  • Have improved forecast visibility into each project’s impact on revenue
  • Save you and your team’s time by doing away with labor-intensive (and therefore, expensive) manual processes

Recognizing revenue based on project milestones, schedule, or percent complete, allowing you to:

  • Better keep projects on track
  • Improve revenue recognition accuracy
  • Gain real-time financial insights throughout the project

Tracking all financial and project data in a single system, allowing you to:

  • Have a “one-stop-shop” for all your revenue recognition requirements
  • Better answer clients and colleagues questions regarding project status, milestones, and invoicing
  • Provide management with more accurate insights on revenues, costs, and ways to improve profit margins

Ask yourself this (and be honest with your answer): How much time are you normally spending tracking down project data and manually recognizing revenue today? You should have a number floating in your mind. Now, think about getting a lot of that wasted time back. It’s feasible with Sage Intacct. So take a 30-minute breather, grab your coffee, and watch “Revenue Recognition For Your Project-Based Business” now. We think you’ll be glad you did.

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