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Want to get paid for who you know?

The Perks of Sending Referrals to Roghnu

Since much of our success at Roghnu is attributed to referrals, as a token of our appreciation we want to reward all of you who help our company grow.  If we close a deal with a lead you referred, you get 10% of the software license.

But that’s the starting point. Your referrals become more valued to Roghnu as you send more clients to us.  If you’re wondering how much you can benefit by referring clients to us, let’s take a look at a simple example that illustrates how the Roghnu Referral Partner Program works.


A Simple Roghnu Referral Partner Program Example

To explain the rules in a nutshell, you get 10% for the first year and 5% for the second and third year if you continue to provide referrals that close software subscription agreements with us within 12 months of each other.  Put another way, if you send us a new deal that closes every 12 months or less you are eligible for 5% of the renewal for years two and three. That is the gift that can keep on giving…

Let me explain with the help of a simple example. If you refer three companies to us who buy our Sage Intacct or our REDS PaaS.

  • Company 1 agrees to pay $25,000 on March 1, 2020. You receive $2,500 (10%)
  • Company 2 agrees to pay $35,000 on February 1, 2021. You receive $3,500 (10%)
  • Company 3 agrees to pay $20,000 on January 1, 2022. You receive $2,000 (10%)

All of the deals above are within one year of each other so you are eligible for the 5% at renewal.  Now, let’s say Company 1 renews their subscription for the same price for years 2 and 3 and Company 2 renews their subscriptions for year 2 as the same subscription price.   As our Referral Partner you receive $1,250 for year 2 and $1,250 for year 3 for company one totaling $2,500 (5%) and you receive $1,750 (5%) for Company 2’s renewal for their second year.

All in all, you get $12,250 for referring three companies to Roghnu.  That is $8,000 just from the initial 10% referral but an additional $4,250 from renewals because you were thinking of Roghnu and introduced us to new clients that also closed deals with us.  What is even better is that those three companies are benefiting from our services and we continue our business growth here at Roghnu.


What does an ideal Sage Intacct customer look like? A company that…

  • Spends an inordinate amount of reporting and consolidation work outside of their current ERP (e.g. Excel) resulting in potential human error and increased labor cost
  • Experiences delayed close times and untimely insight to financial health across 1 or more entities
  • Has disparate systems requiring duplicate entry and constant reconciliation
  • Spends significant resources spent maintaining infrastructure, operating systems, patches and integrations
  • Lacks application controls and segregation of duties
  • Handles transaction workflows (purchasing, order entry, inventory, time and expense, etc.) outside of their current ERP

Register a Referral for Sage Intacct

To register a referral, fill out the on-line form. Once we confirm your referral as a potential Sage Intacct candidate and successfully register them, we will ask you to make an initial introduction for Roghnu with your colleague. To qualify, each referral must be made prior to the prospect contacting Roghnu, Sage Intacct or another Sage Intacct partner on their own and the prospect cannot already be listed in Roghnu or Sage Intacct’s system as an existing lead. In addition, the prospect must become a new Roghnu client within one year of the initial referral.


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Partner of an International consulting firm refers Roghnu and Sage Intacct to a publicly traded telecommunications company.

“Roghnu successfully implemented Sage Intacct for a client where I referred them. The client was up and running in 6 weeks, instantly transforming the way they do business. They have expressed complete satisfaction and could not be happier with the implementation from Roghnu and the resulting functionality in Sage Intacct. I really appreciate the way Roghnu delivered a successful implementation to my client.”

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