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project accountingAnyone that handles or manages project budgets knows that finding flexibility within those budgets is a tough task. What do you do when your financial conditions fluctuate? Or if you have to suddenly change or move resources? You may even serendipitously receive some unexpected funds, which is great. That is until you have to decide which projects (or screaming project managers) get a piece of that money. Playing favorites will get you nowhere.

What can make it worse is having to use disparate systems for all facets of the project management and the project accounting. These often include CRM, finance, PSA and Excel programs. The biggest issue is that none of these programs “talk” to one another. As a result, any changes will have the slowest ripple effect in existence… giving you no clue as to what impacts will come about from those changes.

Now envision this — one system that can handle a portfolio of projects as well as the accounting and budgets for each. A system that dissolves all of the challenges mentioned above and gives you the foresight needed to quickly see how different scenarios can impact your budgets. What you are envisioning exists. It’s the cloud-based accounting solution, Intacct.

Intacct’s project accounting and management tools provide quality, real-time information. It gives the visibility needed to see how economic changes can impact projects. Not only that, it gives the ability to see how various departments in your organization can be affected as well.

Being able to quickly see the domino effects that result from certain changes gives you incredible superpowers. Just think… you’ll be able to:

  • Make quick, informed decisions with backup proof to sustain them
  • Nix ridiculous arguments from project managers vying for their project’s necessity and validity
  • Know and report the exact status of projects in the approval process
  • Accurately prioritize projects based on factors that are important to you
  • Determine how best to use limited funds for your projects
  • More closely manage project profitability
  • Accurately see and think long-term to identify and create efficiencies in the project management process

All of these tie into your project accounting and therefore, your project budgets. With Intacct, you don’t have to shudder at the thought of change. Embrace it! Those “what if” scenarios can be quickly played out in Intacct, allowing you to be more agile and flexible with your budgets. The bonus? Being an adaptive change agent and creative problem solver makes you a major asset to your organization.

Ready to become a hero? It would be our privilege to show you the superpowers you can obtain from Intacct. Give us a call today!

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