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How We Work

We created our How We Work page to communicate our approach to serving our customers and quickly accessible content to enable better projects and business planning. This aligns with our core value of clear and consistent communication with our customers, which helps align us as business partners with everyone working toward a their goals.


Companies we help

We work with growing organizations or those who have reached the limits of their growing pains to provide tangible business and technology consulting services and solutions.  Our clients need to improve their processes, control their data better, integrate disparate software programs, add controls for stakeholder assurance, reduce business continuity risk, and do not have IT staff to dedicate to these critical tasks.  Even companies that have IT staff, they are usually engaged in product development and their service delivery. Helping internal projects is not a focus and not a good use of resources.

Our people

Our professionals have decades of experience working for Big 4 firms consulting at startups to Fortune 500 companies. We understand the needs of multiple industries, many software packages, and even more pains from transaction complexity, rapid growth, challenging markets, obsolete solutions, acquisitions, and just about any issue that may arise.

Our office hours

Office Hours

What we do

Roghnu helps to implement Sage Intacct (AICPA-certified and Gartner Visionary Cloud Financial Management distinction), offers Enterprise Data Solution applications, and provides guidance in project management, system implementation, application integration, data warehousing, internal audit, and system controls with extensive experience in IT and business consulting.  Our pragmatic approach ensures that we align our recommendations with your business planning and infrastructure.


Over the years, we have come to realize that certain solutions just work better than others for specific environments.  The solutions we have high confidence in are Sage Intacct and the Roghnu Data Portal, including a cloud data warehouse (Data Vault), application integration, and application portal for custom applications, and business reporting and analytics. 

Key Roghnu leaders were first introduced to Intacct in 2012 as a result of Software Selection services we provided to customers.  Time and time again, Intacct was a finalist and in most cases, selected as the solution to move forward with. Due to this trend, upon the formation of Roghnu, its leaders decided to transition from providing Software Selection services to becoming a Sage Intacct Channel Partner.  Roghnu has focused intently on Intacct implementations, integrations, support, and training ever since.  We now routinely complete 12 to 15 implementations annually and has a substantial list of satisfied referenceable customers. This is in addition Roghnu Data Portal solution.

Dedicated to our clients

We are dedicated and passionate about exceptional integrity and customer satisfaction, going above and beyond, to deliver reliable solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.  We actively support and help with the growth and changing business needs of our clients after implementation. Our goal is to become long-term partners with all our clients.

Getting Started with Roghnu

Our goal is to be effective at setting expectations and clearly communicating what, how, and when our work will be delivered.  One of the keys to our success is also setting expectations for our client’s role and support in the project.  The following agreements are included in our client on-boarding process.

Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement

Roghnu’s Mutual Non-Disclosure ensures everyone’s information is kept private and allows for transparent and open communication as partners. The objective is to be able to share information necessary to support informed decisions and accurate plans.


Master Services Agreement (MSA)

Roghnu’s Master Services Agreement (MSA) includes the terms and conditions for which work is performed. This one document is referenced by all Statements of Work (SOW) and ensures that the same terms and conditions are applied for all services. This provides a single document for legal review and business acceptance early in the partnership. Then SOWs related to specific project scope and deliverables can be executed based on business requirements.


Software Licenses Agreement

Roghnu’s License Agreements references our MSA for terms and conditions and includes the license terms for the purchase of Sage Intacct, our hosted data warehouse or application integration services.


Statement of Work (SOW)

Roghnu’s Statement of Work (SOW) references our MSA for terms and conditions and includes the detailed scope, deliverables, timeline, estimate or fixed fee for cost, project resources, and any other specific information needed to organize, plan, execute, measure, and determine the outcome of the work. The objective of a SOW is to define a project that meets all stakeholder expectations.

Change Order

Roghnu’s Change Orders document deviations of original Statement of Work project scope and deliverables. Changes can be either reduced or increased effort. In either case, an event occurred that changed what is needed to complete the project. Examples include finding that a standard integration is made available where custom development was originally planned thereby reducing project effort but possibly causing the purchase of new software from another vendor. Another example is a project delay due to limited client resources causing the project timeline to increase.
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