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The benefits of the MindBridge AI Auditor

Improve audit accuracy

Improved coverage of audit testing


Higher assurance of audit statement

Seamless integration with Sage Intacct

Simply log into your Sage Intacct account from the MindBridge file upload page & we will analyze your Sage Intacct data!

Find anomalies faster across 100% of the General Ledger data

Our solution integrates directly with Sage Intacct and applies a hybrid set of algorithms and tests utilizing artificial intelligence, without the need for complex software, rules, and scripting. Stop spending countless hours in training, gathering and cleansing data, analyzing and identifying issues, and start focusing squarely on taking action based on accurate findings.

Simple, no training required

Modern and easy to use intuitive user interface

  • Algorithms based on data science and artificial intelligence
  • Platform executes labor-intensive tasks
  • Suspicious transactions automatically flagged
  • No scripting
  • Employees perform high-value tasks

Better Meet Audit Standards

  • SAS 99 Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit
  • IAS 240 / CAS 240 The Auditor’s Responsibilities Relating to Fraud in an Audit of Financial Statements
  • Know where to look with intelligent risk-scores
  • Automatically assigns a risk score to all transactions to focus audit, 100% coverage of all transactions, Automated Artificial Intelligence based tests

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So, what are you waiting for?  

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