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Lightning Readiness Check

The first step in preparing your organization to switch from the Salesforce Classic experience to the Salesforce Lightning experience is to run the Lightning Readiness Check. You’ll need a System Administrator for your instance to log into Salesforce, and follow the below steps.

1. Click on Setup (top right hand corner) or the Cog Wheel. If you do not have this option you likely do not have the proper permissions.
2. In the Setup search on the Left side type in “Lightning”.
3. Click on “Lightning Experience”.

4. Click on the “Check Readiness” tab.
5. Click “Check Readiness”.

6. Click “Allow”.

7. Click on the modules that you are looking to migrate.
8. Click “Check Readiness”.

9. You will receive a confirmation message. Hang tight, you will receive an email shortly with an attachment.

10. I have the report, now what? Learn more about Lightning Conversion support offered by Roghnu!  

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