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Sage Intacct for Professional Services

What’s it like to manage financials for an organization that sells services instead of goods? Complicated. You might need to analyze profitability for multiple entities. You might have contractors all over the world, or customers all over the web. And you may have a small team handling a large amount of diverse tasks. Meanwhile, you must constantly adapt to the needs of your customers and your market. With all of this variety, volume, and change, it’s a relief to have Sage Intacct in your court.

Insights delivered

Many service businesses want to see profit and loss by service type, manager, location, and other dimensions that are unique to their situations. With Sage Intacct’s dimensional general ledger and flexible reporting, you can see your business metrics in any way you want. You might, for example, look at revenue at the level of each geography, then roll up to a top-level view of all client types or managers. Sage Intacct delivers your information, your way.

Tailored Automation

There’s no need to bend your company processes to suit your financial software. Sage Intacct professional services accounting software can be easily tailored to automate your unique workflows, without requiring expensive customization. It offers pre-integration with Salesforce CRM, so you can streamline the journey from quote to cash and avoid data re-entry. With Sage Intacct, you can also route your timesheets and expense information to approvers, and deliver real-time dashboards to any stakeholder. It’s automatic, fast, and easy.

Change enablement

You may not know where your service organization is going to be two years from now. You may want to add new markets, expand service types, or set new profitability goals. Sage Intacct can help you manage business changes in two ways. One, it gives you a fast, easy way to tap into insight about your business and make the initial decision to invest in a new approach. Two, it readily adapts to your evolving requirements, so you can automate new workflows, manage new entities, integrate with additional solutions, and more.






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