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Sage Intacct: The Best Accounting Solution for Mid-Size Companies

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Sage Intacct is the best accounting software product for business.

It’s a hassle to go from one accounting program to Excel to differently formatted spreadsheets.

To not be able to dive into your data and pull the numbers you need to analyze.

To take days or even weeks to complete basic accounting functions.

With Sage Intacct, those hassles are over.

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based enterprise resource management (ERP) software that helps small- to medium-sized businesses improve their processes for core financials and accounting.

What are your challenges?

Talk to us about your accounting challenges.

Let’s see how Sage Intacct can solve them for you.

Why do you need Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct has four main benefits for companies with increasingly complex accounting needs:

  1. Its rich accounting and reporting deliver deep insights
  2. Third-party integration with solutions that handle HR, payroll, inventory, time and expense
  3. Intuitive interface for personnel in purchasing and sales
  4. It’s cloud-based, so you can access anywhere

And it’s all delivered through a simple interface. Our customers consistently tell us that compared to the other options, Sage Intacct is the easiest to use.


Work from accurate numbers

Manual accounting processes are tedious and cause mistakes. Bad data means you could lose lines of credit and make the wrong decisions.

You need the right set of numbers to understand and share financial forecasts.

When you see the complete picture of your finances, you can make smart decisions that benefit the company.

Accuracy also helps you comply with changing tax regulations and GAAP standards.

Efficiently manage your company’s finances

Sage Intacct integrates everything you need into a single workflow:

    • Tracking time and expenses
    • Project management
    • Powerful accounting and financial reporting capabilities
    • Data from third-party apps
    • Subscription billing

You can easily do accounts receivable and accounts payable, manage your cash and general ledger, and prepare taxes: all from one place.


Work from anywhere

Bring the power of cloud computing to your finance and accounting processes. Do all your accounting work at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

With Sage Intacct, you get:

    • 99.8% guaranteed uptime
    • Full access to your applications within 24 hours in case of disaster
    • Full ownership of your data and the ability to retrieve it at any time from our systems

And with each quarterly update from Sage Intacct, you keep your customizations so your processes remain consistent.

Improve your company’s accounting processes

As a CFO, you’re a strategic advisor to your company. But you can’t advise if your tech stack is holding you back.

To be profitable, your business relies on fast and accurate accounting processes to streamline how fast you:

    • Get paid
    • Make financial decisions
    • Create and deliver financial reports
    • Increase profit margins

But it can be a struggle to manage more and different financials and accounts if you’re a growing company. Especially when you’re limited by Excel spreadsheets and QuickBooks.

Fast, accurate processes mean less stress for you and faster, more accurate service for your customers.

That’s where Sage Intacct delivers. It brings all your numbers together.

See all your financials in one place

Sage Intacct integrates with your data systems to give you a complete view of your financials.

It’s your single source of truth, so you use the same data for compliance reporting as for your operational analysis.

See your financials in real time across customizable dashboards so you can make informed decisions about where to improve and invest.

Drill down to see budgets and expenses by project, task, department level – any dimension that gives insight into your financials and how you work.

Sage Intacct adapts to your workflows and presents information the way you want to see it.

Now you can see profit-and-loss by:

    • Business/service
    • Project
    • Manager
    • Region
    • Customer type
    • Other dimensions and metrics

Provide secure access to your project teams based on user privileges so they can also make smart decisions.

Manage different tax entities; consolidate financials

Sage Intacct consolidates separate financials from each location and business entity across industry segments, service lines, regions, and countries.

And it automates everything:

    • Currency conversions
    • Inter-entity transactions
    • Local tax reporting, and more

No more manual effort, countless spreadsheets, and multiple QuickBooks instances. However you structure your business, Sage Intacct can help.

Pre-built integration with Salesforce CRM

Say goodbye to the errors of manual entry. No more jumping between systems and re-entering the same information. With one click, Salesforce quotes become Sage Intacct orders that trigger your invoices.

Generate renewals, reprint invoices, and monitor payments – all without ever leaving Salesforce.

Through Sage Intacct’s integration with Salesforce CRM, you can streamline the quote-to-cash cycle by as much as 75%. Or use our APIs to integrate with the CRM of your choice.

Capture all of your project costs in one place

Project overruns will eat away at your margins and profits.

And badly run projects will lose you clients..

The more you know about your project costs – like time and materials — the better you can adjust your fixed-cost fees and improve your profitability.

With Sage Intacct, you protect your profits because you can:

    • Forecast your cash flow
    • Create the self-service dashboards that show project managers where they need to be more efficient.
    • Set up workflows that track time and manage costs at different levels.
    • See your expenses and invoicing for each project in real time so you can track actuals against estimates.
    • Track your non-billable time and compare it to customer budgets to see if you’re going over.

And because Sage Intacct is customizable, you track the costs and activities that matter most to your business.

Track your time; grow profits

Sage Intelligent Time is an AI-powered time-tracking software that helps grow your profits — whether you bill on a fixed-cost basis or time spent.

    • Recovers billable time
    • Automates time entries
    • Increases cash flow with faster billing cycles

Instead of eating up valuable hours reconstructing your time, the Time Assistant presents it for your review. You spend more time focused on clients, not administrative work.

Plus, you get continuous insights into your time allocated to your task or client – that way you can keep margins high.

Benefits of Sage Intacct


    • See where you need to increase margins and increase profits.
    • Find and assign the right resources for any project.
    • Easily manage timelines, budgets, clients.


    • Consolidate your reports for locations, service lines, entities, and more.
    • Take hours off the time it takes to create monthly close-out reports.
    • Use its built-in reports or create your own. See the info that matters to you.


    • Automate processes you’ve been doing manually, like invoicing according to the unique billing terms of each client.
    • Spend more time doing the work that makes you money. Sage Intacct enters the data and manages complex workflows.


    • Quickly make data-driven decisions on how to grow the company, be more efficient, and be more profitable.
    • See profit and loss in real time across every service, project, region, and customer type.
    • See costs per billable and non-billable employees.
    • See quarterly and annual budgets vs. actuals.
    • See the most profitable clients, project costs.

These capabilities have made Sage Intacct #1 in customer satisfaction by G2 for nine years in a row. It’s also the number one accounting software product in 12 G2 rankings.

And it’s the only business accounting solution recommended by the AICPA.

Why choose Roghnu to implement Sage Intacct for your services business?

Your clients rely on your experience to guide them. Likewise, you want experience on your side.

When you work with Roghnu, you get our 20+ years of experience in managing and implementing ERP systems.

Our experience includes everyone from large Tier 1 ERP implementations to start-up companies that require reliable and flexible solutions to ensure success.

Let us lead you to a better accounting experience. Talk to us.

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As a Sage Intacct partner, Roghnu resells, implements, and supports the services for Sage Intacct cloud accounting software.

You’ll get everything you expect and need:

  • Hands-off upgrades
  • The modules you need when you need them
  • Ongoing support and education



G2 Leader Badge for Spring 2023

Sage Intacct is rated #1 for customer satisfaction by G2.

Over 92% of reviewers on G2 give Sage Intacct high ratings of 4 or 5 stars (out of 5).

Sage is an offical sponsor of Major League  Baseball

Sage is an Official Sponsor of MLB.

Endorsed by the AICPA

Sage Intacct is the first and only financial management solution endorsed by the AICPA.

TrustRadius Top Rated 2022

Sage Intacct is Top Rated by TrustRadius

Sage Intacct is top rated in seven TrustRadius categories, including accounting, ERP, and invoicing. Look through more than 2,100 reviews of Sage Intacct at TrustRadius.

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