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We get it. You’re struggling with your current accounting solution and trying to determine your best next steps. Do you keep plugging along with the less-than-ideal product, or do you make the move to something that will save you time (and frustration) – and, let’s face it, money.

It’s daunting, for sure. You want to invest in the best option that will give you the most bang for your buck. Maybe you’re toying with the idea of moving to the cloud and heard about Intacct as an option. Sounds good, but why should you go with Intacct? Who would implement it? And how can you make sure it is all worth your while?

What you need is trust. Trust in a cloud ERP software solution and trust in the team who can implement and support you throughout the entire process (and beyond). Here are some facts that can help with both:

Here’s why you can trust and believe in Intacct

Speaking of implementation, Intacct is sold and implemented by value added resellers (VARs). These VARs are the expert professionals who handle your implementation, taking that particularly heavy burden off your plate.

If your business is based in the Southeast, you’re in luck. Roghnu is known as an exceptional Intacct VAR. We are an IT advisory consultancy based in Florida who specializes and takes pride in first-rate Intacct implementations and assistance.

Here’s why you can trust and believe in Roghnu

  • Our knowledgeable team has several decades of extensive experience in IT and business consulting.
  • We understand and are sympathetic to the needs of technology, healthcare, software/subscription-based companies as well as professional service and general business organizations. Our experience and knowledge makes for a smoother transition to Intacct ERP.
  • We specialize in data archiving for legacy ERP systems to help further reduce the cost of implementations for our clientele.
  • We are passionate and dedicated to exceptional integrity and customer satisfaction, going above and beyond to deliver dependable and reliable solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.
  • We actively support and help in the growth and changing business needs of our clients after implementation.
  • We have an ongoing history of highly successful Intacct implementations and delighted clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that offer measurable business value to our clients. Projects are completed on budget, on time and with a tangible ROI.

Still daunted with the thought of upgrading Intacct? Don’t be! Our team wants to answer your questions and welcomes any complex enterprise challenges you think you may have. Contact us today to start getting the expert advice you want asap.

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