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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to questions you have about Roghnu.

Who is Roghnu?

We are an IT advisory consultancy based in Tampa, FL.

More specifically, we are a team of experts that helps small to mid-sized businesses update their antiquated computer systems to one that is not only easier to use, but more efficient and budget-friendly too.

We perform IT “magic” that will help your team achieve positive results.

What does Roghnu do?

We rely on three core strengths to help our clients:

Process optimization and technology enablement

Process optimization means we take several of your business processes (like creating complex, consolidated reports, for example) and shorten or even eliminate the tasks required to complete them.

So, using our example of consolidated reports, instead of having to import tons of data into Excel and manually massaging it to get what you need, your software will do all of it super-fast with the touch of a button.

The technology that we implement enables businesses like yours to be much more productive and efficient. It results in your company more easily hitting its objectives, and you becoming a superhero to your colleagues (and boss!)

Sage Intacct for finance and operations

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management software. It allows you to handle your accounting, finance, and operational tasks from any place, at any time, from any smart device.

As long as you and your colleagues have access to the internet, you’ll have everything you need to get work done, faster and better than ever. It gives you the ability to see an always up-to-date financial picture of the business, helping to make better decisions and drive growth, rather than constantly wrestling with it.

Best-of-breed application integration

We help your software programs “talk” to one another. If you run several disparate applications that don’t work together, it often means a lot of extra work for your team. That double work is error-prone and a major time-suck for everyone involved.

Our solutions give you the ability to continue the use your favorite “best of breed” applications (like Salesforce and ADP, for example) by seamlessly integrating them with your accounting program. This means that tasks that usually take a couple of days  to complete with a disconnected financial system would now only take a couple hours with a program like Sage Intacct. You can use that time on analysis and building new strategies.

Now that we’ve familiarized you with the basics of who we are and what we do, let us know if we can be of service. We’ve helped plenty of businesses like yours painlessly get their IT updated.

Sage Intacct has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry. Not only that, Sage Intacct customers achieve a 250% ROI in less than six months! Getting modern is not as challenging as you may think. Let’s start solving your accounting pain points.  Give us a call today.

What makes Roghnu the right partner for my business?

Our team focuses on being our customers’ trusted advisor. Because we are pragmatic with our solutions and services, we deliver what our clients need to work smarter.

Through our solutions and professional services, your accounting team will have the support it needs — without an IT staff.

We know data and the importance of data in making business decisions.

We’ll help you unify and automate your company’s information for ideas and decision support, making you agile and ready for change.

What are your training options?

Roghnu delivers numerous client-specific training options based on the client’s needs. We consider the following training needs when working with our clients.

Implementation training

Our first objective is to ensure that our clients understand the process and work that will need to be completed to successfully implement Sage Intacct.

This includes a comprehensive understanding of the full technology ecosystem and how all services relate and integrate.

Implementing a new ERP is not a project accountants and operations or leadership teams undertake frequently.  We take the time to discuss our approach and the need to think about the implementation and future optimization efforts that may follow.

Our goal is to make the implementation of Sage Intacct a revolutionary improvement to the business with a roadmap of improvements facilitated by planned optimization efforts.


User acceptance readiness training

Preparing our client’s project team and acceptance team users how to validate that the requirements defined in the beginning of the project are delivered is imperative to a smooth implementation and roll-out.

We conduct our focused power user/testing training during the acceptance phase.  By conducting training during the acceptance phase users validate the system and training documentation prior to rolling out to the broader user audience.


Implementation / rollout training

How we train and with what training materials depends on the client’s needs.  Clients with a centralized accounting department and one to five users are generally training through video conference calls leveraging standard Sage Intacct documentation and workflows.

Clients with many users who have a diverse set of duties may also be training via video conference calls.  However, given our Florida presence, we typically do on-site training whenever possible.

While we have no issues traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada the ease of use for Sage Intacct surprises all users and makes the effort of training much easier than legacy systems.

Further, the extensive Sage Intacct built-in online help with contextual reference to all pages makes looking up information just a click away from every page.   ​​​


Ongoing support training

We can establish on-going training for new users or refresher courses for activities that are not routinely performed. Examples include:

  • Year-end reporting
  • New acquisition setup/integration
  • Disintegration of sold business or business lines, audit reporting, etc.

What are your support options?

Roghnu delivers support during general business hours between 8 AM and 6 PM EST.  Based on our clients’ needs we can schedule support hours to meet their implementation, integration, conversion, and other support needs 24×7.

There are no closed hours for emergency issues with contact information to our support personnel when escalations are required.

All support is managed through our web-based support management solution with escalation procedures based on client needs.  All requests are reportable for the client to review prior tickets and resolution actions.  We are located in Tampa, FL.  As such, we can deliver remote support as well as be on-site to ensure effective communication for training and/or further business optimization efforts.

Roghnu delivers several support services to our customers. Our support includes the following options.

Roghnu Essential Support is included at no additional charge for our Sage Intacct customers. Roghnu will respond to your initial request for support. Roghnu has direct access to all of Sage Intacct’s support resources including their comprehensive knowledgebase and Intacct’s support personnel. Should Roghnu be unable to resolve your support case, we will escalate to Intacct Support on your behalf. Sage Intacct will work with Roghnu, or directly with you, as needed, to resolve the case. Essential Support gives your company direct access to the Intacct Customer Portal- a single path to submit cases, check the status of cases and search Intacct’s comprehensive knowledgebase for answers to commonly asked questions. This is also where your organization can recommend product enhancements directly to Sage Intacct as well as vote on product enhancement requests submitted by others.

Roghnu Basic Support is offered at $1500/year to ensure that our clients are updated and informed about Sage Intacct’s quarterly updates, third party application changes, and other opportunities for optimization efforts. We review changes with the client four times per year and provide up to 1 hour per month of remote training and education with no rollover.

Roghnu On-Demand Support is offered at $2000/year plus a discounted rate of $185 / hour over 2 hours per month to our clients to ensure they have a readily accessible means to support that knows and understands their business and systems configurations.

We include twice-a-year technology ecosystem documentation updates along with an ongoing roadmap to ensure that we are aware of and plan for our client’s needs.

We establish a support desk that allows for client review and approval of requests along with detailed time / effort reporting to ensure that our support costs are aligned with management expectations.  We conduct quarterly reviews of our support items and costs to help our client’s education and internal resource planning to become self-sufficient.

Our on-demand service leverages our implementation resources, experience, and documentation to partner with our customers providing assurance that we are always available and prepared to help.

With our On-Demand Support option, we can schedule our support to be available outside of our normal business support hours when the client is undergoing other project or operational efforts where having the backstop of support at a moments need is necessary.

Roghnu Technical Advisory Support provides consulting and advisory services to Client and Client’s agents as designated by Client.

These services will primarily be regarding Intacct Web Services, Platform Services, Platform as a Service, or third-party marketplace partner solution support.  These services do not include actual development of customizations or integrations. A separate SOW is required for specific project efforts outside of the normal advisory consulting services.

A Roghnu resource will be available during regular business hours for as-requested assistance.  Assistance will be provided to client based on the following process:

  • Client communicates request to Roghnu resource
  • Roghnu resource assesses request and identifies options as outlined below:


      • Roghnu resource responds to Client with guidance on how to resolve the request
      • Roghnu resource coordinates a meeting with Client to obtain additional details on the request and either answers request during the meeting or identifies next steps
      • Roghnu resource summarizes effort for Intacct to resolve request (Client approval will be required before proceeding with this option).  Information provided to Client will include the following:
        • Tasks to resolve
        • Intacct resources required
        • Estimated effort and duration to complete

What is the Roghnu Data Portal?

The Roghnu Data Portal combines our data warehouse, integration services, and automations to make your computing ecosystem more efficient and enabled for data analytics.

It is the result of our expert insight into data and how it needs to integrate into business processes.

We offer white glove services using our data warehouse and integration software so that your company can:

  • Store your data in one place
  • Identify problems
  • Share findings
  • Create reports
  • Analyze trends

The best part is that Roghnu makes it EASY!

At Roghnu we know your data is important and contains key insights when displayed effectively. That’s why we offer a solution that archives your legacy data and stores your new system’s data in one place — the cloud.

Roghnu can archive your legacy ERP, Sage Intacct data, point of sales data, and any other data you want to keep!

Why should I purchase Sage Intacct through Roghnu?

Why you can trust Roghnu:

  • Our knowledgeable team has several decades of experience in IT and business consulting.
  • We understand and are sympathetic to the needs of technology, healthcare, software/subscription-based companies, as well as professional services and general business organizations. Our experience and knowledge makes for a smoother transition to Intacct ERP.
  • We specialize in data archiving for legacy ERP systems to help reduce the cost of implementations for our clientele.
  • We’re dedicated to exceptional integrity and customer satisfaction. We deliver dependable and reliable solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.
  • We actively support and help in the growth and changing business needs of our clients after implementation.
  • We have a track record of highly successful Intacct implementations and delighted clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that offer measurable business value to our clients. Projects are completed on budget, on time, and with a tangible ROI.

Which implementation style does Roghnu prefer -- virtual or on-site?

Most of our implmentations are virtual, but we go on-site as well.

We also find that in-person meetings work best for establishing business requirements and conducting training sessions.

What makes Roghnu different from other partners?

We make everyone on our team and our business partners available to help our customers.

We want our customers to know they can call us at any time, and we will be there to help.

Our “managed services” for data is what differentiates us from pure software companies.

Sage Intacct is our only focus.

Other partners may sell and implement alternate ERP solutions besides Sage Intacct.

Our daily experience and development is centered around growing our knowledge and expertise of Sage Intacct.


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