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Discover why archiving your legacy data with Roghnu’s Data Warehouse is a smart solution for storing your archive of important information.

There are lots of things to consider when making the decision to move up to a cloud-based ERP system. Top of mind are costs, implementation time, training and so on. But have you thought about what will happen to your legacy data? Sure, much of your data will be imported into your new ERP system, but just because data exists doesn’t necessarily mean that it all should be migrated over to your new ERP. Once you shut down your old servers, the question remains… how do you securely store that important information that wasn’t imported, as well as have quick access to it? Printing reams of paper and storing them in boxes in a warehouse isn’t the answer. Roghnu offers a much better solution: Cloud ERP Data Warehousing.

Roghnu found that it’s Intacct clients still needed access to their archived legacy data… data that was not required for their new ERP solution. To avoid the problem of clients having to run and maintain their old servers that housed that data, the Roghnu team created a secure, cloud-based data warehouse. This solution provided Roghnu’s clients instant, easy access to their old data. The service isn’t just about storing data though. Roghnu’s Cloud ERP Data Warehousing offers the following features:

  • Web pages to access all your data by searching on one or many of the columns of data that you have archived. Every column is searchable…
  • Exporting all client data to Excel for quick, easy reporting or auditing… a great solution that gives the ability to download only what you need, when you need it, not the entire data set.
  • Maintaining your legacy data layouts, so you and your team don’t lose the comfort and familiarity of working with it.
  • Knowledgeable IT staff (us) and state-of-the-art-servers to maintain your data and ensure that it is kept safe and secure. We are here to help you through the process limiting or eliminating the need for IT.
  • Assuredness that your historical data remains static and cannot be changed by accident or on purpose.
  • 12-user access (more users can be added with ease).
  • The ability to purge data as needed (e.g. every seven years), if required.

When your data is archived in a cloud-based data warehouse, it can be accessed online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, you’ll no longer have to maintain your old servers or the software and infrastructure that supports it. That means no more having to pay for and implement new licenses, patches and upgrades — not to mention the hidden environmental costs associated with maintaining on premise servers. The result is a hefty savings on both your time and your budget.

Want to learn more about how a data archiving solution can help you? We’re happy to answer your questions. Fill out this quick form and we’ll reach out to you asap.

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