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Talk to us about the accounting processes holding you back.

Struggling With Tedious Accounting Processes?

Day after day, month after month, you struggle with your company’s accounting.

You don’t have to anymore.

Roghnu will examine your current business processes to find the points of failure, tedious manual effort, and other roadblocks holding you back.

We’ll then provide solutions that remove those roadblocks, ensure data integrity, and increase your ability to grow.

Solve Your Company’s Accounting Challenges

Month after month, you spend days or even weeks working on financial reports.

By the time you’re done, the data is old, incomplete, and useless to executives.

See if these sound familiar:

  • Disconnected applications
  • No insight into your non-billable activities
  • Long manual efforts like:
    • Close process
    • Customer invoicing
    • Revenue recognition
    • Time/expense entry


See the Big Picture and the Details of Your Finances in Less Time

We can solve all of these with applications that best fit your business. We will:

  • Remove points of failure and roadblocks
  • Streamline systems and processes reducing time, labor, and manual errors
  • Increase data integrity by automation
  • Integrate standalone applications
  • Enable scalability for growth
  • Select the best software for your needs
  • Align the enterprise technology with your ecosystem¬†


Tell Us About the Processes Holding You Back

We pride ourselves on delivering measurable business value to our clients by solving problems.

Our multi-skilled team has decades of business and technology experience. We offer a broad consultative service that ensures your projects are completed successfully based on agreed-upon metrics.

Talk to us about the business processes that are holding you back.

By learning about your company, we can see if solutions like Sage Intacct and Roghnu Data Portal are right for you.

It’s time to solve your company’s accounting problems