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How would you grade yourself on your reporting readiness? For example, are you able to drop everything and run a report that instantly shows real-time data for a project’s profitability? Or better yet, can you quickly obtain the current cash balances for multiple entities across your organization?

If not, then you certainly can’t give yourself an “A” grade (not even for effort). In fact, there should be little to no effort. Impressive results require the right tools to work smarter, not harder.

Today, reporting has to be fast. If you or your team are at the mercy of others, having to wait on data or wasting too much time on error-prone spreadsheets, then it’s time to consider a better solution.

Here’s why Intacct’s reporting is top-of-class:

Slice and dice your data with Dimensions

Intacct utilizes Dimensions to simplify your Chart of Accounts. Dimensions allow you to “tag” transactions and operational data rather than hard-code individual GL accounts. You can tag by department, location, customer, vendor, employee, item, class, project or something else that is unique to your business. When your data is set up in Dimensions you can then easily use drop down lists to effortlessly filter, group and organize that data in any way you wish. The two biggest advantages of Dimensions are that…

  1. you no longer have to maintain a huge general ledger account list, and
  2. you can conduct real-time reporting on the fly at a high level or a detailed, granular level.

Get info fast with Performance Cards

Intacct’s Performance Cards offer a super-fast way to see (rather than read) your important key financial metrics. They are like report cards that instantly show where your financials stand. With a point and click interface, they are a cinch to create and don’t require any custom coding. Once your Performance Cards are set up, they’ll help you better see, understand and visualize trends. Not only that, the cards show all data in real-time, so decisions can be made quickly based on the most up-to-date information.

Quickly see the big picture with Dashboards

Intacct’s Dashboards provide a “one stop shop” for your daily reporting needs. Every user can have a Dashboard that is tailored to their unique needs. Dashboards provides the specific metrics that matter most for each person. Even better, users can include Performance Cards that allow them to quickly see specific data for each of those metrics.

All of these features go above and beyond what a spreadsheet can do for you. If you want your business to perform well, you need the tools and real-time data to make it happen. The financial insights and enhanced visibility that Intacct’s reporting provides are so powerful, they have to be seen to be believed.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to show you how awesome Intacct reporting can be for you.