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Roghnu's Corner

The 5 Questions to Ask Your Controller

In the ever-changing roles of CFOs in the Finance and Insurance industry, one thing will never change—the need to lead and manage an effective finance team. Successful CFOs collaborate closely with their controllers in defining strategies that impact key areas...

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4 Key Pain Points of QuickBooks

Trust us, we know finance and accounting are no simple task and let’s not even begin to talk about the nightmares spreadsheets give us with, manual data-entry, re-entry, errors, and no real-time financial and operational data analysis. Worst of all if you’re using...

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Five Reasons to Upgrade to Salesforce Lightning

You might be thinking, is Salesforce Lightning that much better than Salesforce Classic? Is it really worth upgrading? Well, the answer is YES! We put together 5 major reasons why your company should make the transition to Lightning: Sleeker Look Are you tired of your...

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