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enterprise data solutionsKudos to you! Your small business is growing rapidly. But with that, we know you’ve experienced some growing pains, especially when it comes to your data. We see it all the time. Your business has accumulated seemingly tons of important data …and it’s growing faster than you are. And, of course, that legacy data is not something that you simply want to erase. The more historical information you have, the better your ability to gain important insights and trends for your business, not to mention make a potential auditor happy. (Not that anyone is “happy” during an audit!)

Time and again, we’ve seen small and rapidly growing businesses deal with this issue, especially if they are gearing up to move from their old, in-house programs to cloud-based solutions. Transferring all of your data to the cloud is a time-suck and cost-prohibitive. Yet you’ll want to continue to own and have quick access to it. As you know, it’s too expensive to keep your data (physically) in the office. After all, you’ll need servers, professional IT support, and space for both — not to mention for the data itself.

Having dealt with all of these challenges for our clients in the past, we came up with a solution. We offer an Enterprise Data Solution. This solution has worked incredibly well for our clients, as it gives them the ability to easily archive all of their legacy data while storing new system data all in one place — in the cloud.

Here are the advantages:

It’s fast – Our service moves your data very quickly and makes it instantly accessible through our cloud-based Enterprise Data Solution.

It’s secure – Not only is the cloud a highly-secure place to store your information, you’ll no longer have the expense of physically storing, maintaining, and securing your legacy data on-site (where others can get to it and do who knows what.)

It’s easily accessible – Since your data is on the web, all you need is a reliable internet connection.

Reporting is easy – You can use your own reporting tools or use our Tableau services. Either way, your team can access all your data through web search features, export data to excel for ad hoc reporting, and analyze it with third party business intelligence tools.

Exporting is simple – Your data can be exported to Excel for reporting and analysis.

Your data remains yours – Even when you no longer need it, we will either destroy your unwanted data or deliver it back to you in a .csv format, making it easy to abide by your data retention policies.

Think you have a unique challenge with your data storage requirements? We’re certain we can help. Drop us a note or give us a call.

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