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Sage Intacct for Aviation


Sage Intacct for The Private Aviation Industry

Are you a small to medium-sized business operating in a low margin, high overhead cost industry? Then you know that keeping “extra” capacity and competency on the payroll for ad-hoc initiatives is nearly impossible. Roghnu will manage your project and pull the appropriate team together from a trusted partner network to finish on-time, on budget and exceed your expectations.

Tailored Automation

With Sage Intacct’s unique “Dimensional Accounting” platform, aircraft operators and charter brokers alike we are able to customize your financial system to track revenue and expense transactions by industry specific attributes like Aircraft Tail Number, Trip Number, Operator, Airport Codes (and more), in addition to the more “traditional” accounting functions like Department, Location and GL account. Create dashboards, financial reports and P&L statements with ease filtered on a specific aircraft, operator and customer combination to measure profitability without having to resort to data exports and laborious excel spreadsheets.

Why choose Roghnu

Roghnu is a Sage Intacct implementation partner uniquely positioned to work with companies in the private aviation sector. With first hand access to subject matter expertise on our implementation team, we already understand your industry and the challenges you face.


Roghnu is a proud member of NBAA who offers business aviation products and services.


Roghnu is proud to partner with Precise Digital Solutions to bring our customers a unique Dimensional Accounting platform. 

Let’s solve your accounting challenges.

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