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Are you ready? Sage Intacct just launched their second release for 2020 of their award-winning cloud financial management software — Sage Intacct 2020 Release 2. Sage Intacct is helping transform the way you work by providing features that enable you to work smarter and more efficiently than ever. Watch the release notes video or scan the list below to get a quick understanding of the highlights. In addition, you can review a summary of all changes or take a deeper dive to view release notes by category.

Watch Release 2 Highlight Video (8:49)


Release highlights

The following features are only a few of what Sage Intacct’s 2020 Release 2 has to offer. To read about all features and enhancements in this release, go to Overview of 2020 Release 2 changes.

  • Inter-entity transactions – Save hours to days creating, troubleshooting, and reconciling inter-entity transactions.
    • Centralized IET setup: Manage all your inter-entity relationships and mappings to inter-entity receivable and payable accounts in one clean, simple, and time-saving setup page.
    • Flexible subset eliminations: Ensure accuracy of your subset consolidations with flexibility to include elimination accounts based on the entities being consolidated.
    • IET automation and visibility: We added enhancements to managing inter-entity transactions. We expanded automation capabilities to support more complex GL inter-entity transactions across multiple base currency entities. And, we reorganized the way you view and report source and inter-entity balances by combining them into a single transaction, which eliminates the need for reconciliation and enhances visibility.
  • SFDC – Order Entry integration – Streamline synchronization of Salesforce opportunities to Intacct orders. Simplify the user experience by enabling Salesforce users to synchronize opportunities to Intacct with a click of a button or leverage Process Builder to fully automate synchronization workflow so that no user action is required. For example, you can configure the integration to automatically synchronize with Intacct when opportunities reach a certain stage. In addition, importing Salesforce opportunities and synchronizing with Intacct to create orders in bulk is now easier, faster, and more scalable. With these improvements, you can optimize the opportunity to order workflow to match how your business works.
  • Purchase Order email templates – Use custom email templates to create targeted communications per vendor. You can add merge fields to populate your emails with dynamic data from Intacct, such as the vendor name, contact information, and more. You can even incorporate your own HTML markup in the email body to control styles and content layout. Then, assign your email template to a specific transaction definition or vendor and Intacct will use the appropriate email template when you send an email.
  • Construction functionality – Coming soon! – This release includes additional enhancements to our Construction functionality, which is available to new customers in our Early Adopter program. Use this time to learn more about our Construction early adopter program, concepts, and workflow.
  • User experience
    • Reports Center: We added a new Search option to make it easy to find reports in this central repository. And, you can now categorize reports by report type or report audience for even easier access.
    • Modal to browser window: Convert a modal in a separate browser window with a click of an icon and drag it to a different area of your screen or even a different monitor. You get visibility into both pages simultaneously.
  • International terminology configuration – You can now customize terms on the Terminology list by language and locale so that you can better suit Intacct to your users and business practices.
  • APIs & Extensions –
    • Page Script Editor: Use this developer-friendly, enhanced editor to speed up page script creation and maintenance across all platform owned script components. Now you can take advantage of script naming, syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and more, to make coding more efficient.
    • Improved Page Script Debugging: Speed up the debugging process by enhancing your ability to debug and identify your page scripts leveraging your browser’s native developer tools.
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