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Lengthy Close Cycles

Lengthy monthly or annual close cycles can often be attributed to inefficient processes and procedures.  As a result, people try to make data usable by throwing headcount at it.  This usually works for the short term but doesn’t provide long-term answers as the organization grows.

Partner with Roghnu to review your business processes, and better understand your data sources and software. 

We have a track record of helping our clients streamline and automate their processes while getting systems to talk to each other. 

Contact Roghnu today and we’ll help you take back valuable time every month.

Manual Processes

Manual processes have no ceiling when it comes to headcount and labor costs.  As you grow, the only way to handle the increased transactions without sacrificing time is to hire more people.  This means more labor costs, including:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Management
  • Office space
  • HR
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Business continuity documentation
  • Other expenses

Aside from the obvious and valuable benefit of reduced labor costs from automation, other improvements for your processes include reduced error, operational stability, and improved customer experience.

Human error makes up a large percentage of mistakes and costly rework. When manually inputting data once, one is prone to errors. If you have to do it multiple times, the probability of errors only increases.

All it takes is an inverted number, missed leading zero, or the wrong naming of a customer to throw your process out of control. This causes the rework that drives up transaction costs and lowers profitability and scalability.

Operational stability includes how repeatable and trainable a process can be to the business.  Does your process commonly have:

  • Missed steps?
  • Lost, incomplete, or non-signed documents or agreements?
  • Elaborate spreadsheets that require vlookups, calculations, macros, and scripting with only one or two people knowing how to do it?

Are you held hostage to individual heroics on a regular basis to get work done?

Customer experience is impacted from manual processes because those processes are inconsistent and rarely defined. This raises questions on what to do each time the same problem arises.

It can also give rise to different levels of service depending on what data might be available in the software provided to whoever is helping the customer.

All this inconsistency increases the cost of labor. It could also motivate your customer to find another vendor.

How we help:

We can complete a detailed inventory of your data processing analytics to see where costs are exorbitant and where delays can be diminished.

This will give you a good idea of the types of goals you want to meet in your business process automation initiatives.

Then we can determine ecosystem changes and support you in software selection efforts if needed.

  • Data Portal. We can see if creating a data warehouse or enabling business intelligence tools is right for your organization.

By integrating applications, we can end duplicate entry and speed up your final close processes.

  • Sage Intacct ERP. We can support you with Sage Intacct’s automation for business processes and easy-to-use interface.

  We know automation

Roghnu automates your processes by integrating previously disconnected applications.

The result is better workflow and data management. It also:

  • Frees you from Excel hell
  • Reduces or eliminates headcount
  • Cuts down on mistakes

We’ll define the operational stability of your automated processes so they adhere to rigid guidelines for document, data entry, reporting, and customer service actions.

Your employees can then efficiently perform their tasks, such as verifying information and completing daily job functions. Their new process is:

  • Accurate
  • Constant
  • Dependable
  • Cross trainable
  • Scalable

Through this automation, you’ll deliver a better customer experience, and your customers will receive the same standard care with every interaction.

When a customer calls, you can pull up their account information from any computer or mobile device within seconds.

This makes it easier for customers to depend on your brand, and it makes working with your company far more user-friendly.

With automation, there’s no manual or duplicate data entry required, thereby eliminating human typing mistakes. This can save you countless hours of rework.

In some industries, this means the difference between effectively maintaining regulatory compliance and incurring compliance-related penalties, which lead to hefty fines.

How would you rather work?

Clunky Reporting

Data input has no value if you can’t deliver it in usable reports.  Do you have to jump through hoops or take additional steps each month to create reports?  There’s a simpler way.

If you’re manually translating foreign activities or manually consolidating your multi-entity books, contact Roghnu.  We’ve helped many companies with similar struggles.

Our solutions include Roghnu Data Portal and Sage Intacct for ERP.  Your translations, consolidations and reports could be just a push of the button away.

How we help:

  • Data Portal. We’ll see if creating a data warehouse or enabling business intelligence tools is right for your organization.  If integration of applications can end duplicate entry to speed final close processes, we can bridge the gap between your software applications and financial reports
  • Sage Intacct ERP. With Sage Intacct,  the reporting process is streamlined, easy to use, and readily available to everyone on your team.


Are you struggling to create business intelligence reporting?

If you can’t get to your data, it might be time for the Roghnu Data Portal.

The Data Portal is your central hub for accessing your data, integrating it from different applications, and creating reports.


Sloppy Data Management

You have data but can’t make it usable.  Whether there is too much data, mismatched data from many applications, or too many users with too many unique needs, we can help.

How we help:

  • Data Portal.  Our Data Portal combines data storage and business intelligence tools to help you tackle your data.

No matter the challenges with your data, Roghnu finds solutions. We can help determine if creating a data warehouse or enabling business intelligence tools is right for your organization.  If integration of applications can end duplicate entry to speed final close processes, we’ll bridge your software application communication gap.


  • Sage Intacct ERP. With Sage Intacct’s enterprise resource planning, you don’t have to worry about keeping your data in separate spreadsheets.

Your data is readily maintained and organized by transaction and financial reporting.

Acquisition Integration

You’ve just purchased another business and have no idea how to integrate it with your current environment.

We can help you by diving into your business processes for existing and new applications.  We’ll then craft a solution that makes it easy to bring the new company into the fold.


How we help:

  • Data Portal.  We’d love to talk with you about our Data Portal and Sage Intacct for ERP.  Roghnu will partner with you to develop a plan of action and tackle your newly acquired data, processes and systems.
  • Sage Intacct ERP. Bring in your acquired business and effortlessly manage it through the process of consolidation.
    • Sage Intacct automates financial activities like currency conversions and inter-entity transactions.
    • New entities can inherit your current processes.
    • Centralize payables or set up separate ledgers.

Duplicate Data Entry / Disconnected Applications

You have multiple applications you use, including a front-end system that is key to your operations. But it doesn’t speak to your general ledger / accounting system.

You’ve created processes that include re-entering the data from one system to another to bridge the communication failure.  This requires duplicate entry and for all the supporting data to be in sync to complete the data entry.  You don’t have to work that way anymore!

We’ve helped companies just like yours connect applications to eliminate the duplication.  We can build your integration, create a data warehouse, set up business intelligence reporting or implement Sage Intacct as your ERP.  Partner with Roghnu today to eliminate the headaches.


How we help:

  • Data Portal. Time and time again we meet businesses that don’t know how to access and interface their data.  We help them because we’ve spent our careers mastering integration.

We make your custom, on-premise, or cloud solutions talk to each other.  We determine if creating a data warehouse or enabling business intelligence tools is right for your organization.  If integration of applications can end duplicate entry to speed final close processes, we’ll bridge your software application communication gap.

Lack of Controls and Security

Using legacy on-premise servers and maintaining your infrastructure requires costly maintenance. Odds are you don’t have the skills to hire or the money to spend finding and contracting a company for audits, penetration testing, and other security evaluations.

This is where moving to multi-tenant cloud-based solutions developed for businesses makes sense. Whether it is your file server, databases, or applications, moving to secure services can give you the application controls needed when your business is running lean on people.

If your current environment doesn’t give you an adequate level of control around your data, we’ll get you there.


How we help:

  • Cloud File Sharing Solutions. If you have file servers, we can introduce you to Citrix FileShare or Box.  Both focus on businesses and both are secure. Each has its advantages, so we’ll help you choose based on your needs and our knowledge of the solutions.
  • Data Portal. Roghnu’s Data Portal can provide you with a secure cloud-based environment for your data.
  • Sage Intacct ERP. With Sage Intacct, you create end-user privileges and roles to ensure your data is restricted to only those that need them.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Concerns

If your current on-premise applications cause you to lose sleep because of inadequate business continuity and disaster recovery plans, we can help.

How we help:

  • Data Portal. Roghnu’s cloud solution experts will share with you the power of our Data Portal.  We’ll eliminate high infrastructure costs by hosting your applications for you.  We will also configure tools to house these applications along with the data. Plus we can introduce business intelligence tools.  Stop losing sleep and let Roghnu move you to the cloud today.
  • Sage Intacct ERP. When you need to have user access anywhere with no downtime and business continuity assurance, move to Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct is a Multi Tenant Cloud Solution. It minimizes the risk of downtime with redundant Fortune 100-class data centers providing 99.997% up-time over the past 12 months.

The AICPA, which sets accounting standards for the profession, named Sage Intacct as the only preferred provider of financial applications.

Ready to solve your company’s accounting problems?