Why Sage Intacct is better

If you are a financial professional in a growing organization, these are your keys to success. Sage Intacct is built to give you those keys, and to do it better than anyone else. First, our best-in-class Cloud ERP solution provides the depth of functionality to automate complex processes and deliver the financial and operational insights to make strategic decisions. Second, we bring you unmatched finance expertise during implementation and beyond. Because we’re focused on your success, Sage Intacct has the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. The ultimate benefit? You can stop merely coping with business growth, and start driving it.

 Likely to Recommend


  • Sage Intacct 86% 86%
  • NetSuite 80% 80%
  • FinancialForce 77% 77%
  • Microsoft Dynamics 70% 70%


Meets Requirements

  • Sage Intacct 85% 85%
  • NetSuite 84% 84%
  • FinancialForce 80% 80%
  • Microsoft Dynamics 78% 78%


Ease of Doing Business


  • Sage Intacct 87% 87%
  • NetSuite 79% 79%
  • FinancialForce 81% 81%
  • Microsoft Dynamics 77% 77%


Ease of Setup

  • Sage Intacct 77% 77%
  • NetSuite 72% 72%
  • FinancialForce 74% 74%
  • Microsoft Dynamics 67% 67%

Product Direction


  • Sage Intacct 94% 94%
  • NetSuite 82% 82%
  • FinancialForce 85% 85%
  • Microsoft Dynamics 62% 62%

Ease of Admin


  • Sage Intacct 86% 86%
  • NetSuite 81% 81%
  • FinancialForce 79% 79%
  • Microsoft Dynamics 73% 73%

Quality of Support


  • Sage Intacct 82% 82%
  • NetSuite 74% 74%
  • FinancialForce 79% 79%
  • Microsoft Dynamics 77% 77%

Ease of Use


  • Sage Intacct 85% 85%
  • NetSuite 80% 80%
  • FinancialForce 78% 78%
  • Microsoft Dynamics 74% 74%

Considering NetSuite?

If you are considering NetSuite as your financial management solution, consider this. When business is changing fast, you can’t let anything get in the way of executing processes efficiently. And you can’t let anything get in the way of giving your CEO or the board the numbers that show why your growth strategies are working. Get the solution that’s going to help you, not get in your way.

Moving from Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics, formerly known as Great Plains software, was designed over 20 years ago. Pre-Internet, pre-cloud. Accounting programs from that era were not built for agility, they were built to cost you every time you want to change functionality, upgrade releases, or connect with other applications. See how Sage Intacct can help you make the move to a modern, best-in-class cloud accounting solution—and never look back.

Graduating from QuickBooks

QuickBooks is just too basic to handle growing organizations with evolving needs. So, your team might be compensating with inefficient workarounds and spreadsheets. And you may realize you can’t rely on your basic reports to be of any strategic use. That’s a lot to pay for a “low cost” solution. Find out what makes Sage Intacct the top solution for QuickBooks graduates.

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I recommend Intacct for any business that’s looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use, and affordable solution to manage any kind of financial reporting and accounting—no matter how complex.

Sam Kashy

Director of Business Development, Tandem HR

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