Our focus on the Southeast US helps us serve our clients closer to where they do business.

Select a Partner that works where you work.

Roghnu works where you work. While we have customers throughout the US, our primary focus is to help companies that live where we live. This reduces the cost and time of travel, we know the areas, and can quickly be on-site when needed. This lowers our cost to customers and keeps us in your time zone.

Roghnu is headquartered in Tampa, FL. We primarily serve Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. We are pragmatic about everything that we do, and that includes being flexible enough to remotely serve our clients. Of course, remote or on-site is 100% customer driven based on preference, but the Intacct solution makes implementation and support much easier than other products. This greatly reduces the time it takes to implement and the amount of on-site time, if any. We commonly implement without ever going on-site.

There are many things to consider when selecting a partner for your Intacct implementation, and one of those should be location. Travel costs can become a significant percentage of your total cost of implementation. In the event you need them on-site, these cost can rise exponentially which can significantly impact your ROI. As important, your partner has a reputation to uphold. If you both operate in the same geography, it is certainly in their best interest to meet or exceed your expectations. There is nothing worse than having a disgruntled customer in your own backyard spreading the word.

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