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Roghnu’s Enterprise Data Solutions are more than just another software product.  It is experienced professionals that know data and know integration.  We offer white glove services using our data warehouse and integration software that helps your company store your data in one place, identify problems, share findings, create reports, analyze trends, and the best part is Roghnu makes it EASY!  At Roghnu we know your data is important and contains key insights when displayed effectively. That’s why we offer a solution that archives your legacy data, and stores your new system’s data in one place, in the cloud. Roghnu can archive your legacy ERP, Sage Intacct data, point of sales data, and any other data you want to keep!

Let Roghnu be your data concierge! We will ensure your data is cared for allowing your team to focus on making informed decisions, sunset old systems, and stay compliant with your data retention policies.

See how Roghnu can help

You don’t need IT, Roghnu is your IT

What you need to create a cloud based data warehouse on your own

  • A Database Server (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, etc.)
  • A Server (AWS, Rackspace, IBM, etc.)
  • ETL (Informatica, Jitterbit, MuleSoft, etc.)
  • Professional IT Support
  • Reporting Tools (Tableau, MicroStrategy, SiSense, etc.)
  • A Reporting Server
  • $$$
  • And More Professional Services

Do you feel a headache coming on already?

With Roghnu 

  • Grant Roghnu access to a browser
  • Use your own reporting tool or use Roghnu’s Tableau services

Why choose Roghnu

If you have been burned in the past by lengthy, laborious implementations, take heart. We have the solution for you. Our Enterprise Data Solutions will have you up and running with minimal effort.

White Glove 

We will be your data concierge during your data warehouse setup. You can focus on your business and we will focus on the rest!

Fast and Flexible 

Do you need to make a business decision by week end? Not a problem, we can get your data to you in no time!

No upgrades, No Infrastructure to Maintain 

You don’t need to worry about upgrades, server updates, patches, network updates, hardware migrations or anything else.

Real Time Reporting 

You can easily connect, filter, explore, and analyze your data to drive business results.

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