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Are you in the process of implementing a new ERP? Be a data  hoarder!

Are you faced with the decision of whether to convert General Ledger and Sub Ledger detail from Sage / QuickBooks / Dynamics / NetSuite / Freshbooks / Financial Force / Xero or any other legacy product for past years? Do you have another enterprise application that needs to be migrated away from or turned off? Is your company being spun off to a new entity and need to quickly move your data to a new location? We have a solution and services that can quickly move your data and make it accessible through a cloud based data warehouse. While there are many places to move your data we offer a robust solution that will allow for not only the archival of data but also adding new data for continued reporting and business intelligence analysis.

Roghnu Data Warehouse Solution Summary

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Why not just convert all your data?

As you have likely learned, this can be a very expensive and time consuming proposition. Needless to say, just because data exists doesn’t necessarily mean it should be migrated over to your new ERP.

There are a lot of factors impacting the decision of how much data to bring along. One of the primary factors is the relative cost and ease of keeping the old data around for reference purposes.

Roghnu contends that while it may provide comfort to have reams of historical data loaded in to your ERP system for historical reference or audit requirements, it may not be worth the time and money to do so.