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Essential Features of a Modern Accounting System for Professional and Technical Services Companies

Are you frustrated with your current outdated accounting system? Is it simply just not getting the job done anymore? If you answered yes to these questions, Intacct can help you! Whether a professional or technical services organization, Roghnu’s highly trained staff will facilitate a smooth  implementation of a truly “Modern Accounting System”. So, what does[…]

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Top 3 Accounting Challenges of Business Owners

Small and mid-sized business owners are already well aware of the challenges they face in running their organization. These can range from customer satisfaction to effective marketing practices to quality staffing. But one of the biggest problems has to do with the financial lifeblood of the business — accounting. Accounting is a rather lengthy topic,[…]

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Salesforce Integration with Intacct: 4 Important Benefits

You’ve heard of Intacct, and you’ve heard of Salesforce, but what do you get when you combine these two best-in-class cloud solutions? No, it’s not “Inforce” or “Salestacct” — but I like your thinking. Seriously though, what you get when you integrate these two programs is essentially one fantastic tool that offers you, your team[…]

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Beat the Project Accounting Budget Blues with Intacct

Anyone that handles or manages project budgets knows that finding flexibility within those budgets is a tough task. What do you do when your financial conditions fluctuate? Or if you have to suddenly change or move resources? You may even serendipitously receive some unexpected funds, which is great. That is until you have to decide[…]