Roghnu's Corner

Introducing Roghnu — Who We Are and What We Do

Have you ever been to a networking event and ran into someone you know you’ve met before, but couldn’t recall their name or even their occupation? Fortunately, etiquette stipulates that it’s totally ok to reintroduce yourself. With that in mind, maybe you’ve heard of...

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Cloud Accounting Software for the Aviation Industry

Those that work in the private aviation industry know that there’s a lot of task juggling going on to keep the business running smoothly. You do your best to keep planes up in the air while ensuring that your accounting is, well ...more grounded. If you find yourself...

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Webinar: Revenue Recognition for Project-Based Businesses

So, you’ve got this great project-based business and it’s growing. And while growth, of course, is good, it can also come with some unanticipated side effects. It used to be so easy to recognize your revenue, but now it is becoming increasingly complicated. More...

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